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Unlocking Hidden Doors in Private Travel

About Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson

When I traveled the world and lived in Europe as an adult I began creating experiences for family and friends. It was important to me that they felt like treasured guests being led to all the “good stuff” about the place visited, and not just a tourist in a herd or with their nose in a guidebook. I began by meeting with locals and experts to design unique experiences, and I sought out the best accommodations and asked for added value and special treatment for whomever I was bringing to them. This is how I realized my true passion- and purpose.

For a luxury travel advisor, the true heart of a luxury destination is behind hidden doors. These will be opened just for you through our private custom-designed travel itineraries with your interests and style in mind.

Your time to travel is NOW. You yearn not just see a place, but FEEL it through personal connections with local people. You want to taste delectable foods and wines, inhale the aromas of local markets, see a locale through the eyes of its people, and touch the exquisite handiwork of others. You desire to go deep below surface level to the beating heart of a destination.

Theresa and her luxury travel team fully understand your passion to explore further and have life-transforming experiences. As a Luxury Travel Advisor, Theresa and her team custom-design your luxury travel itinerary based upon your interests and desires. Our goal is to ensure you have overflowing memories of a lifetime from the personal connections to the places you discover. You will explore private hidden treasures of the world that aren’t available to mainstream tourists. You are connected directly to the expert. You are immersed in the brilliantly colored culture. You experience a heightened level of access and ease.

Theresa Jackson has been chosen as a 2017 Ambassador of Change, an initiative by G Adventures to support the 2017 UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

“My commitment this year will be to help spread the word about travel as a force for global good and visit places where initiatives are in working to support local cultures, communities and the environment.” ~Theresa Jackson, Luxury Travel Advisor

Our purpose is to create luxury travel journeys that are so fulfilling that the joy your memories bring you sustains you until the next time you travel.

Giving the Gift of Global Citizenship To Your Family

When you opt for luxury family travel you want to create context and perspective for a worldview. By broadening their horizons, you are providing your children or grandchildren the tools help solve the world’s problems. This perspective that you can gift them takes them from a classroom and into the world for real life experience. You are laying an important foundation in their future, perhaps igniting a passion. And the memories of time spent together is priceless. We create luxury trips that will educate, provide fun, and strengthen family connections.

Travel For Good Through Luxury Ecotourism

We believe in Travel for Good through luxury eco-tourism that benefits the places you visit. Your impact can support and sustain conservation, community and cultures. Our luxury travel team can make sure your travel is eco-friendly and that you contribute to positive change in the world while experiencing a depth of immersion that few can obtain on their own.

Theresa’s goal as your luxury travel advisor: to ensure you are a traveler, not a tourist.

traveler explores the world through their interests and passions. A traveler creates deep connections to the place visited. Most of all, a traveler brings home pictures of precious moments, not just monuments.

Luxury travel introduces you to the soul of the destination.

You enjoy beautifully crafted personalized itineraries that get you beyond iconic sites to memorable experiences that are unique to you.

You meet its people and experience first-hand their way of going about their daily lives. You savor the delicious food made for you or by your own hands. You sip outstanding wines directly in their leafy vineyards. You explore art crafted by local artisans in centuries-old traditions, meet up-and-coming talents, or encounter masterpieces with an expert. You connect architecture and the history that influenced it.

Upon return to the U.S., I saw lots of people were traveling but I was horrified at the WAY they did it– hoping for the best when booking online, wasting time searching and searching the web and STILL not being to access what I had mined only through personal contacts with the best sources in the world. I know things that are un-Googleable and have developed relationships with the top experts, guides and hotels in the world!

I started my travel boutique and continue making those connections because I want everyone to feel like a beloved guest wherever their travels take them and to have hidden doors opened for them so that they can have the best possible memories with every investment of time and money in a vacation. I make sure you EXPERIENCE a place personally, not just “see” it. With me you are a TRAVELER, not a tourist.

Enlightened Journeys Travel opens hidden doors to extraordinary travel experiences. You deserve travel experiences created to your specifications. Start exploring the possibilities- the world is out there waiting for you!

“Rather than being herded around to highlights for standard photo
opportunities, a traveler is immersed in the local culture.”

Luxury travel is an adventure.

You engage all your senses through the romance of the remote destinations and new cultures. You challenge your physical boundaries by trying new activities. You take your skills to new heights in exotic locales.

Luxury travel allows time to do absolutely nothing.

Luxury travel means the space for doing nothing in particular; to experience the luxury of time away from our busy lives, time to rejuvenate.

“The trip, in other words, gave me some amazing sights, but it’s only sitting still that allows me to turn those into lasting insights.”
–Pico Iyer

Space to have quiet and leisure time is a part of every luxury itinerary designed by the Enlightened Journeys Travel team.

VIP travel

You are rewarded for your investment in time and money. You are a VIP wherever you land, treated as a beloved guest by your hosts. You have access to exclusive value-added amenities only available through my consortia. As your luxury travel advisor Theresa is able to provide privacy and security if desired. You will experience seamless travel where all the details are handled for you. You are safe and fully supported throughout your travels.

As your luxury travel advisor, Theresa utilizes her vast experience and carefully culled relationships with the very best partners and suppliers worldwide to provide you with everything you need:

  • First and Business Class flights that save you money for to use in your experiences
  • Private transfers, private jets and luxury yachts
  • The best hotels to suit you, unique lodgings in remote locations, a discerning list of resorts and sumptuous private villas that cater to your wishes
  • Private guides and experts that aren’t available to general public
  • Concierge services: to make dining reservations, obtain concert tickets, private art viewings, any anything else to enhance your precious travel time.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy the journey.

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Booking The Luxury Travel Trip Of Your Dreams

By allowing us to create a custom luxury travel itinerary for you, you have overflowing memories of a lifetime from the personal connections with the places you discover.

  • You will explore private hidden treasures of the world that aren’t searchable. You are connected directly to the luxury travel expert.
  • You are immersed in the brilliantly colored culture. You experience a heightened level of access and ease.
  • You will experience luxury travel journeys that are so fulfilling the joy your memories bring you sustains you until the next time you travel.

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Enlightened Journeys Travel is an affiliate of Travel Experts, an award-winning full-service travel company that caters to discerning leisure travelers and incentive business partners. Travel Experts is a member of the Virtuoso network, the exclusive by-invitation-only consortia of top luxury professionals worldwide. My clients experience value-added amenities and VIP treatment not available anywhere else.


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