Achieving the Perfect Vacation of Your Dreams, a Personal Story

young woman raising her arms in the air, celebrating the perfect vacation of her lifetimeAre you ready to go on your perfect vacation? Today’s world of info-gathering is at our fingertips. An online search can lead us to a vast array of information. In travel, the same is true.  We seem to have the whole world on our laptops with a huge selection of opinions and advice.  The problem with this vast database, even when we parse it down into favorite sites or groups, is that much of the information, while sometimes first-hand on crowd-sourcing sites, is un-vetted as it applies to you, the individual.

Can you really trust a stranger’s “amazing time” when you don’t personally know them?

Is your friend’s ideal the exact same as yours? Probably not.


Can Googling Help You To Find Your Perfect Vacation? Properly Not.

Try Googling: “Where do I go for best mountain walks?”, and see the where the journey will take you into hours of opinion.

Now try to narrow that down by your other travel desires, like “great food” and you may start to weed out some things, but start to narrow your choices in other areas as well. At this point, you do not know all that can exist in the destination.  But you DO know the hours it takes to try to chase it down, and that the results may be unsatisfactory.  In the end, the idea you started with, that dream, is now diluted by compromises you think you had to make to get some of the dream.

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Coming Home From A Vacation …

Coming home from a trip where you are not fulfilled in most, if not all ways, is a waste of the investment of both time and money. Those bucket list adventure trips should be ones of a lifetime, not because you traveled there, but because of what you learned, felt, and were transformed by while there.

Generalized information is not going to achieve that for you. A curated itinerary created with someone who has your interests at heart will.

There is no room for compromise in planning the experiences that make the perfect vacation for you.

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Here is a Story Illustrating the Point of How You Can Find Your Perfect Vacation.

My client Jennie decided to leave her established career to start something new …

Doing what? She didn’t quite know.

But one thing she did know was that she wanted a break between the old and the new, and wanted that time to be both cleansing and inspirational.

Rather than lie on a beach, Jennie wanted an adventure to someplace she’d never been, with quiet time built in for reflection. So, she decided on Chile, and dreamed of being in Patagonia while seeing some more of the country.

Overwhelmed with Too Many Choices …

She was overwhelmed with all the choices of places to visit in the country, and didn’t want a frenetic trip trying to “see everything”; she wanted experiences and a travel aesthetic that resonated with her.

And, she had only one must-do: a stay in Patagonia that was sustainability-based.

Balancing Needs and Desires

Jennie’s journey became a balance between her needs and desires. She worked with me as her luxury travel professional to design the perfect trip for her so that her time would yield what she wanted it to. Jennie was surprised by some elements suggested, like the desert experience, but once introduced to the idea, found it the perfect addition she wouldn’t have thought of.


She started in the vast, quiet desert to empty herself of the turmoil of leaving a career.

Then Jennie went to the sea she loved to be washed and renewed to begin a new creative process.

And lastly she ended in Patagonia to be filled with new sights, encounters and memories for future inspiration.


These were my actual intentions as her Travel Advisor after our initial “getting-to-know-you” sessions.

So, how did Jennie’s trip turn out?


Here is What Jennie Shared With Me About Her Perfect Vacation:

a woman in a boat, making lifetime memories while being on her perfect vacation, a transformational trip to find a new purpose“I achieved an unforgettable journey by partnering with my travel Advisor on my vacation planning.  Ultimately, it a transformative experience that I will never forget.

… Theresa cared about the higher purpose of the trip for me personally and worked to ensure that it was filled with not only the activities I wanted but that those activities were true experiences that would build into meaningful memories.  I felt like the trip was crafted around my needs and goals and unique to me.

 I love great design, nature, authentic experiences, and environmentally responsible resources.  When I learned of a hotel that seemed to suit those needs Theresa vetted the resource locally and didn’t just add it to the trip, but really built the entire itinerary around those values that would bring me such comfort and joy.

I would not have been able to achieve this type of trip if I attempted to plan on my own.”


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For a truly PERSONAL vacation of your dreams, there is no substitute for a curated itinerary based upon your individual desires and needs.  Work with a professional to get exactly what you want – and more.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

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