An Adventure in Morocco | Tailor Made Travel Itinerary Sample

Bernie and Barbara’s dream was to see Morocco in a way they would remember it not only in memories and pictures, but by its sounds and smells as well. Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson created for them a custom travel itinerary that brought them to Morocco’s beating heart. Please read below about the adventures they experienced there.

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The Custom Travel Itinerary We Created For Bernie and Barbara’s Adventure in Morocco

The Travelers:

Active, retired and well-traveled couple from California, both having worked in very stressful jobs, now busy in retirement with volunteer work, splitting time between their homes, and social commitments.

Their Journey Dream:

When asked, they described their ideal trip would immerse them in the people, sights, sounds and smells of Morocco and not be with other tourists.

  • They wanted to explore interests and passions, and learn something new even in their own career fields, architectural engineering and philanthropy.
  • They wanted comfortable safe accommodations and drivers and guides to let them travel effortlessly off the beaten path.
  • They wanted to know they had a journey in the country so immersive, informed, and personal that they would have a lifelong connection.

Their Travel Problem:

Normally, Barbara and Bernie travel in a destination up to 6 weeks on their own. They visit friends from all over the world and are happy to be independent, including driving in more familiar European countries. THIS time, however,

  • their travel timeframe was considerably shorter due to various commitments at home;
  • they were far less familiar with their desired destination, Morocco;
  • they had already picked a group hiking trip for a portion of their trip, but hadn’t the time or knowledge to research what they wanted to do with the rest of their independent journey without overlapping their hiking trip discoveries.

An important travel style to them was avoiding tourist traps and crowds having unique immersive experiences they know couldn’t be found online or without a local friend’s help.

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Bernie and Barbara’s Tailor-Made Morocco Adventure Travel Itinerary:


Tangier: Customs, Architecture, People and Culture

Upon arriving in Tangier’s airport, Barbara and Bernie will be met at their transferred by private chauffeur to their hotel for a day of rest and leisure.

  • They will spend the next day exploring Tangier and its connection to the USA before exploring its historical place of cultural harmony in the Jewish Quarter and ancient medina, as well as the fortifications and Sultan’s palace with views across the strait to Gibralter.
  • They will discover Tangier’s place in the arts and culture of Europe and the United States.
  • Later, they will head outside the city to caves said to be visited by Hercules, and to see structures of colonial architecture.


Tetouan: An Authentic Moroccan Town, ChefChaouen, the blue city and a nature day away from cities

Leaving Tangiers, it is time to see some of the wonders Morocco is known for. Tetouan, and its UNESCO Heritage medina, is a dive into true preserved authenticity, and on to the blue city of ChefChaouen.

  • They will stay in a well-designed riad which will allow them exploration of the city completely crowd-free, and mingle with the locals and learn about their specialized clothing with their guide.
  • They will enjoy nature on a walk to explore a beautiful waterfall with amazing nature views.


Time for Art: The Artists’ Hangout

A small unknown town on the Atlantic Ocean with secluded beaches and Berber villages nearby, Barbara and Bernie will visit a UNESCO medina and explore this town that is an artist’s hangout.

  • They can visit ateliers, doors opened for them by their well-connected host.


The next day they will explore a Berber hamlet in the mountains…

..and meet with local musicians who are still practicing ancient 1,300 year old secrets and styles that influenced the Beat Generation and the Rolling Stones. People here are seldom visited by outsiders and from this privileged visit Barbara and Bernie will learn of the mystical and purportedly healing powers of the music form.

Then it is time to discover the footprint of the explorers and traders while relaxing at a beach resort.

  • Away from tourists heading to resort towns, Barbara and Bernie will explore the best beaches only the locals know.
  • They also will be immersed in the Portuguese influence of the coast in a fort which later became a Jewish settlement.
  • They will explore a city famous as an Orson Welles filming location because of its eerie streets, and a castle overlooking the sea before relaxing on a beautiful beach.


A Kasbah stay and local villager life immersion.

After their week’s hiking excursion and exploring Marrakesh, Fez and Casablanca on that trip, Barbara and Bernie will relax in Kasbah high in the Atlas mountains that is both a haven of relaxation and a ecolodge that is leased and staffed by the local community.

This luxury accommodation supports the local Berber village, through social enterprises and excursions.

  • Barbara and Bernie will have their choice of activities – or choose to do nothing at all by relax on the luxury property.
  • They will experience, up close and personal, local Berber life on a hike and picnic lunch escorted by a guide and Muleteer from the community.


Artisans, handicrafts and a luxury riad stay with a Michelin-starred final dinner.

On their last day of exploration, Barbara and Bernie have chosen a day of visiting some of the best artisans known for their highest-quality handiwork and to visit with the owner of a famous perfumery (and personal friend of Yves St. Laurent), stay at a luxury riad in Marrakesh and have a dinner at an exclusive restaurant before their flight back home the following morning.


Their Experience:

In crafting their travel itinerary, I considered all I had learned about them, and came up with travel ideas for the must-sees with unique ways of experiencing them without touristic crowds.

It was important to them to be travelers, not tourists.

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Together we created their dream vision with must see places, immersive cultural experiences with local people, art and architecture, a plus un-Googleable WOW moments they hadn’t known they could have that connected their interests to the country in a very personal way!

The have hidden doors open for them by the best selection of a local guide suited to them, who will be their friend in the country.



Every client is different.

Some clients enjoy history and culture, others nature and experiential discoveries. A custom travel itinerary gives you the opportunity to create your own dream journey and the experiences that come with it.

Let experienced Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson and her team help you to create your own dream journey today!

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