What to Do in Mendoza, Argentina: 3 Things that Make Mendoza a Perfect Group Vacation Destination

“I am really very sorry about this,” says my host Pedro as he drives us through fog that obscures the magnificent snow-capped Andes that I know tower above somewhere. The day before, the brilliant sun shone across the valleys that make up the region called Mendoza in... read more

Hiking in Search of the Pachamama, Andes, in Argentina – Part 1.f.2

In a previous blog post, I introduced you to the Pachamama, the Andean culture’s Mother Earth, who is celebrated from Peru, through Bolivia and into northern Argentina. A Hike with the Pachamama In the town of Tilcara, in the valley called Quebrada de Humahuaca in... read more

Hiking in Search of the Pachamama in Argentina (Part 1.f.1.)

In a deeply religious country with a history shaped by Catholicism, it is nonetheless a place to encounter ancient spiritual beliefs and rituals. In Argentina, I found my nature-loving spirit even more reverent in the very real presence of the Pachamama, the Andean... read more

Desolate Beauty: The Great Salt Flat Salinas Grandes in Awe-Inspiring Argentina (Part 1.e.)

“There are some natural phenomenon that by their nature are beyond comprehension.” That was my (rather dumb) thought as I stood looking at my first encounter with the Great Salt Flat Salinas Grande in Salta, Argentina. How in the world is it possible to create... read more

Buenos Aires, Argentina: How to Experience the Best of its City and Countryside in Three Days

Are you headed to Argentina? Chances are, you will begin or end your journey in Buenos Aires. This gorgeous city and its famed surrounding region is well worth the stop for not only the cultured and historical city life, but the gaucho culture in the countryside as... read more

Adventure Is … Anything That Gets You Excited and Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone to Stretch Your Limits

I recently had a fascinating discussion with a group of fellow Adventure Travel experts: “What is Adventure Travel”? In the past, it was easy to define; when one thought of adventure, it meant camping, or extreme outdoorsmanship. It meant climbing, diving,... read more

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