Luxury Family Travel: How to Plan and Travel the World with Your Family

With the right planning, traveling the world with your family CAN be fun, relaxing, stress-free. Helping our kids become global citizens through travel is one of the best gifts we can give them. We are increasingly aware that in today’s reality of the Internet and... read more

Vietnam Vacation: Your #GlobalLocal Answers Your Questions About Experiences You Can Have

I have just returned from my Vietnam vacation. It was my first time there, so I would say my trip was an overview to gather intel on what you can incorporate into your own trip. I looked for experiences around the interests of history, architecture, relaxation,... read more

Hanoi Vietnam Food Culture: The Story of a Restaurant with a Heart – Part 2

Did you already read the first part of my Hanoi travel for good story? Then you already know that I was invited to go on a G Adventures National Geographic tour to explore its charity arm, Planeterra as a luxury travel advisor with a certification in Sustainability... read more

Hanoi Travel for Good: The Story of a Restaurant With a Heart – Part 1

On a recent Hanoi travel for good trip, I spent 4 days exploring this bustling (some would say chaotic) city.  Not only was I seeking culturally immersive experiences, I was looking for ways to give back to the locale. And, frankly (did I mention Hanoi is, um, busy?),... read more

Vietnam Travel: The Joy of the Unexpected – A Personal and Life-Changing Experience

I have just returned from my G Adventures Vietnam travel as an #AmbassadorofChange2017 where I was sent “on assignment” to Vietnam on one of the most eye-opening and life-changing trips. Although I have many great partners with whom I had worked for Vietnam trips for... read more

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