Australia Travel: It’s All Still There

I intended this blog to be a recap of places explored on your behalf over the last year, but instead I wish to address the news of the fires in Australia.  I fear that, because of the amount of news about Australia, the perception is that it is ALL burning – included those places most visited and dreamed about to visit.  Let me assure you: NONE of these places has been affected to a degree that the place is destroyed or is unreachable, with few exceptions.


Travel to Australia: Put It Back to Your Bucket list (or Better Your Wanderlist)

Think about his:  Because of the time it takes to plans and execute travel to Australia, by the time that you do in the coming months or year – year and a half, these issues (road closures, smoke in the air) will be gone.


Here is How You Can Help Australia as a Traveler: Still Go and Support Local Shops and Wildlife Centers While There

Ok, the news of the bush fires is devastating, and the country needs help. The effects of the Australian bushfires will have resounding impact on local and national economies.

  • Tourism plays a significant role in the Australian economy.
  • In 2019, Tourism contributed $44.6 billion to the national economy while employing over 660,000 people.
  • Tourism is being dramatically impacted alongside the devastating impacts of these bushfires.

Traveling to Australia is a form of support on its’ own.

Shop Local by Locals

While there, buy and support local everything while traveling.

  • Shop at local businesses.
  • Eat at local restaurants.
  • Pay with cash when you can.
  • Avoid large chains and help support the economic recovery by funding the local economies directly.

How can you do that?

By still planning to travel there this year. Most tourist-visited spots are just fine. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane …. all fine. Even the lovely ecotourism Kangaroo Island is still visitable, with a few exceptions, like the beloved Southern Ocean Lodge.


What to Expect When Traveling to Australia

No changes in the most famous places, by and large. With wind shifts, you might experience smoky skies, but all or our partners monitor this for you and sparkling blue skies are the recent norm in Sydney.

Australia relies upon tourism. That money helps the economy, which in turn has to finance the overcoming and recovery from the devastation. PLEASE HELP and continue your travel plans there!


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ANSWER: Heck yeah!


Because most tourist areas are NOT affected. But even more so, because Australia relies heavily on tourism dollars, and will depend on it in the coming months and years to rebuild communities and wildlife areas.

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Here is an update from one of my partners in Australia, to sum up what everyone is saying:

This has been a very tragic start to the new decade for so many people in Australia who have been affected by the bushfires, as well as a heartbreaking amount of lost wildlife.

While the disaster is not to be underestimated and the losses have been massive, it is important to separate facts from sensationalism the media loves so much.

Some essentials about traveling to Australia now:

  1. The whole of Australia is not on fire. Most of the tourist destinations for US and Canadian visitors are all open to visitors, with the exception of a part (not even the whole) of Kangaroo Island. There are currently no fires anywhere near Uluru, Perth, Tropical North Queensland, Whitsundays, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart.
  2. Tourism Australia has a fantastic resource outlining safety advice and travel alerts region-by-region: Click Here: https://www.australia.com/en/travel-alerts.htm
  3. The major regions recently affected by the bushfires are where locals like to spend Summer, which also included the popular self-drive routes between Sydney and Melbourne on the south coast of New South Wales and border of Victoria. Tour operators contracted by us are doing everything possible to resume operations only where it is safe to do so, and by doing the utmost to protect customers and their staff by being vigilant about conditions on the ground and taking every precaution.

This is not meant to underplay the seriousness of the recent events, nor it is meant to undermine the enormous work ahead to rebuild in these communities, where families have lost so much. But don’t put off your Australia trip planning because you think there is nothing there for you – it ALL IS STILL THERE, WAITING FOR YOU!

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