An Indonesia Honeymoon: Bali and Beyond for a Romantic Adventure

Are you looking for a Bali Indonesia honeymoon adventure? Indonesia is a treasure trove – as we dive deeper into it we discover more and more of the unknown, and face it – that’s what you need when you have want to be off the grid. Sure, you’ve got beautiful Bali but how about considering adding on a few new Indonesia ideas for your honeymoon? How about taking a private yoga class on the beach or book a private boat to take you to a secluded island for snorkeling and a romantic picnic lunch?  Here are a few to consider – come back to us for full travel itineraries and fresh ideas!


6 Awesome Bali Indonesia Honeymoon Ideas for Your Dream Vacation

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Yes, home to the famed dragon but beyond that, it’s got exotic charm, gorgeous coral reefs and impressive amounts of abundant marine life for great snorkeling and diving.


Banda Islands, Indonesia

Crystal blue waters resplendent with exotic marine life surround these islands making it ultra romantic and a true diver’s paradise.


Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Here, you can climb up a volcano and witness the mystical blue flames that spout among yellow sulphur, watch baby turtles hatch on the beach and even take on a surfing lesson at Pulau Merah Beach. Secluded and sweet.


Lembongan island, Indonesia, Bali Indonesia honeymoon

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


Lake Tomba, Indonesia

Mesmerizing with its volcanic lake against picturesque mountains- whether it’s swimming, canoeing, water skiing or fishing, you will be spoiled for choice here- especially visits to amazing compounds for unique architecture and cultural performances.


Mount Bromo, Indonesia

No journey is complete without a visit here, one of the most active volcanoes in the world where you can hike up to the peak for unbelievable views especially at sunrise. HINT: Have a romantic picnic arranged at the top to reward your efforts and toast your love.


Yogyakarta, Indonesia

A most enlightening place, known to be a hub for Indonesian arts, culture and culinary wonders and home to Borobodur, an 8th Century Buddhist temple and UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, you can trek through rural villages, visit ruins and even trek the active volcano Mt. Merapi.

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