Best Travel Destinations in Asia for Water, Adventure and Beach Lovers

Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or even Japan, Asia is home to some of the world’s best beaches. For lovers of water, though, the region’s allure doesn’t stop there! Read more about our best travel destinations in Asia for Water, Adventure and Beach Lovers here.


Whether it’s cruising down the mighty Mekong River in a luxurious colonial vessel or gazing at the stars on a floating lake bungalow surrounded by the teeming rainforest and monolithic karst formations Khao Sok National Park, adventure vacation options abound for those looking to venture into Asia’s greatest aquatic wonderlands.

Most of these best travel destinations in Asia suggestions can be had in a 4 day/3 night extension to any journey.


Five Best Travel Destinations in Asia


Thailand’s Less Known Secret Islands

You already know about Thailand’s beaches…..right? Well, there are places to get away from the crowds of the well-known Phuket. Paradise can be found on islands to the south, just hours from Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui. Here, baby blue water and white sand beaches beckon without the crowds and turmoil of touristic extremes.

Kok Lipe

Kok Lipe is a shining example. A tiny tropical island paradise in the Andaman Sea, there is just enough refinement to elevate your Robinson Crusoe experience while still being remote and secluded from crowds. Besides relaxing on the beach, you can snorkel in the crystal-clear waters to view fish and multi-colored coral. Tis would make a lovely 4 day/3 night extension to any trip to Thailand.

Wooden Bungalow - Eco Jungle House in Myanmar, Best Travel Destinations in Asia for Water, Adventure and Beach Lovers

Myanmar Forests and Reefs

Elsewhere in the Andaman Sea is the Mergui Archipelago to get back to nature in a sustainable but thoroughly comfortable way. On Boulder Island you can relax on white sand beaches, go on forest walks, snorkel among coral reefs and kayak and learn about conservation efforts for the marine environment at your eco-resort.

beautiful blue-green river in Laos, Best Travel Destinations in Asia for Water, Adventure and Beach Lovers

Laos’s Nature

Southern Laos’ 4,000 Islands are a magical combination of nature, culture and of course, water. You can have an active and adventurous few days trekking to waterfalls amongst lush scenery, immersing in local culture and historic relics by bike on tranquil islands, and exploring the Mekong by boat.

orangutan in Indonesia, Best Travel Destinations in Asia for Water, Adventure and Beach Lovers

Indonesia’s Wildlife

Animal lovers can watch orangutans in their environment when exploring Tanjung Putting by houseboat on the Kumai and Sekonyer Rivers in lush jungle surroundings. You go ashore to watch them feed, and learn about rainforest preservation at a research center. 

man cycling on the beach in Vietnam, Best Travel Destinations in Asia for Water, Adventure and Beach Lovers

Cycling through Vietnam

Known for its fabulous beaches, a part (or all) of your Vietnam journey can include cycling along the coast from the imperial city of Hue to Nha Trang on a 10 day, 9 night itinerary. This is a fantastic way to experience local culture, learn history, and immerse in some of Vietnam’s best tropical paradises. You pass through charming fishing villages and seaside towns, visit Hoi An and then get off the tourist trail for serenity and beauty. This adventure takes you to hidden beaches, Whale Island, war-era monuments, ancient Cham ruins.

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