Bicycle Vacations in Europe: How to Make Your Adventure More Attainable to All, or, How Everyone Can Enjoy a Bike Trip in Switzerland and Europe!

Are you thinking about bicycle vacations in Europe? I am headed to Switzerland in a few short weeks to experience some outdoor adventure – and what better place to experience that? Alps and valleys, farms and vineyards (and the occasional cow) will be a part of my agenda.

And I will be enjoying not only the visual bounty of Switzerland, but her delectable gastronomy as well. In my numerous travels in Switzerland, I am reminded again and again how exceptionally beautiful the country is – and how it is made so accessible to anyone! Everyone can have an adventure there!


Bicycle Vacations in Europe: The Introduction of Ebike so ALL Levels Can Travel Together

This time, I am joining the luxury adventure provider, Butterfield & Robinson (B&R) on a biking adventure journey where they will feature the electronic bicycle to show me how anyone can participate in this most immersive travel. I will get to know intimately a part of the country, from Lausanne to Gstaad to Bern, from the seat of a bicycle.

I recently sat down with Simon Elliot from Butterfield & Robinson to discuss making a biking excursion accessible to all, and not just experienced long distance riders.


What is a ebike, anyway?

Our Scott E-Venture bikes are regular pedal bikes that provide electric assistance whenever you want it.

With both the battery and the drive train in the center of the bike frame, this electric-assist bike is as stable as they come.


4 Different Assist-Level Modes

It has 4 different assist modes, a state-of-the-art Bosch drive system, and an extremely comfortable ride.

Very simply an E-Bike flattens the hills of Switzerland and can make the most challenging rides feel enjoyable.

They are the great equalizer! For more info on our e-bikes watch the video below or click on the YouTube link to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4kfktIMViA


Who can do it? (and can more fit or experienced cyclists be a part of the bicycle journey as well?)

All B&R bicycle vacations in Europe are designed for active people who enjoy getting in deep in local culture and experiences and of course also enjoy a fine meal at the end of the day and staying at an exquisite property.

Whether it be a walking trip, biking or multi active there are different distances and levels of activity available and of course ample support.


There is a Different Activity Level Depending on the Landscape

Depending on the trip we have different activity levels which are usually based on the landscapes we are in. Using an e-bike can make even the most challenging destination feel enjoyable and manageable.

For those strong cyclists we excel at providing fantastic routes and offer fantastic drop bar road bikes.

E-bikes generally make up for only a few of the bikes on any given departure.


Where can one have an ebike adventure?

B&R offers E-bikes on all of our scheduled European bicycle vacation departures and in some other countries as well.

We offer E-Biking specific departures in Switzerland and Japan.

Do you want to know my Switzerland ebiking itinerary?  Check it out HERE.

Image Copyright by: Switzerland Tourism – By-Line: swiss-image.ch/Stefan Hunziker


Why do bicycle vacations in Europe?


Why do it any other way?

  • The scenery looks better,
  • the food tastes better,
  • the experience is far more immersive.

Watching the world go by out the window?

No thanks.

We hear very regularly that the B&R trip was their favorite Europe vacation. It doesn’t get richer than this.

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How does it enhance a trip?

See above haha!

Getting a sweat every day, experiences the sights, smells and serendipity that comes with chance encounters with locals, opportunities for surprise and delight and of course feeling accomplished.

Not very often do we feel accomplished on our vacations.


When can I bike in Europe and other world destinations?

It all depends on the season!

For Europe, our trips extend from April to November.


Can I help my clients make a bicycle vacation private to their group or family?

Yes, of course!

Any of our bicycle vacation itineraries for Europe can be a sample of what you and your tribe would like to do.


Offering a Series of Walking and Bicycle Vacations in Europe in the Future

Enlightened Journeys Travel will be offering a series of walking and bicycle vacations in Europe.

You can check in at https://www.enlightenedjourneystravel.com/luxury-journeys/ or let us know you are interest and put you on the waiting list for future bicycle vacations. To see what is coming up to join, or gain inspiration for your own private journey that I can help you make happen.

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