Bike Route in the Netherlands – “Bloemenroute” by Bollenstreek

The cold and often cloudy climate has made way for the warm and sunny weather, where flowers flourish and birds can sing. Therefore, this edition will be about flowers! In this edition you will find some activities and sights that might be interesting for your next trip to Amsterdam.

Firstly, a flower bike route. In 35 kilometres, you can see the most charming flower fields and the most captivating flower bulbs that represent the Dutch culture and history.

flower fields at the Bike Route in the Netherlands - "Bloemenroute" by Bollenstreekflower fields at the Bike Route in the Netherlands - "Bloemenroute" by BollenstreekThis bike route is called the ‘Bloemenroute’ by Bollenstreek. The tour starts in Noordwijkerhout, and is reachable by public transportation or car. You also have the opportunity to rent some bikes there, so do not worry about having to bring bikes from Amsterdam. After you start at Noordwijkerhout, you will be able to see countless fields filled with colourful flowers in the open air. Some fields are open for public, others are private where you have to buy a ticket in order to get the best experience of the field. If you do not feel like biking 35 kilometres, you also have the possibility to rent (electrical) scooters, so you can enjoy the wind going through your hair without putting too much effort into it. The perfect way to relax while viewing one of the most beautiful products The Netherlands has to offer!

Botanical Garden of Amsterdam, Bike Route in the Netherlands - "Bloemenroute" by BollenstreekNot far from the hotel (walking distance), one can day dream during a visit to the breath-taking botanical garden of Amsterdam, “De Hortus” (mentioned in many of our newsletters!). The visit is recommended to all ages. From medicinal plants with species dating back to the 17th century to special ornamental and exquisite plants displayed in the beautiful garden and greenhouse. This enchanting place has a lot to offer. You can have an educational time or just use the visit to empty your mind, a stroll at this magical garden is in any way an enriching experience.


moped at the Bike Route in the Netherlands - "Bloemenroute" by BollenstreeBike Route in the Netherlands - "Bloemenroute" by BollenstreekIf you do not want to leave the hotel but still want to see some beautiful flowers, Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam has its own floral boutique: The Floral Designers. Handmade for you, The Floral Designers create the most beautiful bouquets and customized gifts, so you can have some colourful happiness with you to any occasion. If you like, you can book your private appointment with them so they can tailor your wishes as you like. You can even make your own floral arrangement to enjoy it in your room during your stay. Learn about it directly with the Masters! The shop is situated on the ground floor of the hotel, and feel free to stop by to view the stunning artworks being created a la minute.

If you want to see more history of the flowers in The Netherlands, the Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer can enrich your mind with art influenced by flowers. Unfortunately, it is closed now due to the pandemic but it will reopen soon. The museum is also known as the ‘Cradle’ of the Dutch horticulture. Moreover, every quarter of the year, a new exposition is being displayed for its visitors, so plenty of possibility to view all kinds of art derived from the beautiful flowers that this country has to offer. The Flower Art Museum also offers workshops, readings and concerts, all revolving around flowers.

flower bouquet at the Bike Route in the Netherlands - "Bloemenroute" by BollenstreekOne event that might be the most fascinating for flower lovers is the famous: Floriade. An event that only takes place once every 10 years! The event is going to take place again in 2022, from April 14th until October 9th in Almere, 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. The upcoming theme for this event is ‘Growing Green Cities’, where surprising innovations that make cities greener will be shown. In addition, you can have yourself inspired by the 40 country presentations, the greenhouses and views the Floriade park by cable car. The Floriade park is the centre of sustainability, something that Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam also really values. The Dutch horticulture will show visitors some green ideas in order to make every city around the world greener and more sustainable. A perfect initiative to keep this world green and healthy. Furthermore, visitors can check out circular infrastructure, green real estate, a cable car, food outlets and shopping opportunities. It is also an ideal trip for kids, there will be plenty of activities for the younger generations as well in order to make them more aware of sustainability around the world.

stop at a Bike Route in the Netherlands - "Bloemenroute" by BollenstreekLastly, we could not end this blog post without mentioning our two favourite hotspots of the moment. First, the ultimate oasis, the Garden Terrace. A kept-secret inner garden where one can enjoy a wonderful meal surrounded by stunning flowers, bird sounds and picturesque architecture. We serve wonderful dishes of our award-winning restaurant Brides and our Bistro Oriole. The other talk in town is the grand re-opening of our beloved The Grand Beach, Caribbean edition. Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam hosts it own beach, in the courtyard of the hotel. It is the perfect way to relax with your feet in the sand and a cocktail in your hand. On May 13th, The Grand Beach opened to everybody and is currently the hotspot of Amsterdam. Enjoy special nights with Caribbean themes that will make you relax in the heart of the city!

The most beautiful feature of the spring, the flowers, are waiting for you here in The Netherlands. You can continue your biking from Amsterdam on a Bike and Barge tour. EJT has wonderful suggestions for you!

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