The Busy Executive’s Guide to Fulfilling Travel

I love successful people! They are inspirations in business.  Many are inspirational in life as well. The Richard Bransons, Bill Gates and those who are my clients not only create great wealth and value, they greatly contribute to the world. Sometimes, though, while in the midst of creating success, busy successful people have to set aside some things to pursue others.

The Busy CEO: No Time to Pursue Ways to Make the World a Better Place

I recently had a successful (and overworked) CEO contact me about a trip to Africa for a safari experience.

As I got to know him through our Discovery Call, I learned that while his life was filled with creating money-making opportunities that benefitted himself, his family and his employees, he felt he was leaving some aspects behind.

He had all his needs met and exceeded, but still felt disconnected from the world.  He felt was missing the element of giving back more, of making an impact in the world.

Our solution was to go on safari through companies involved in environmental conservation, wildlife preservation and involvement in local community economic opportunities. Beyond the animal safari, we collaborated to connect him with the people in the communities of the places on his itinerary, to meet with them, see how they lived, explore their needs or support their local micro enterprises. He got the most out of his trip through in depth exploration beyond the norm, and his life was broadened and transformed because of his experiences.

executive getting ready for work, the busy executive’s guide to fulfilling travel

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

Personalized Travel: That’s my sweet spot. 

I know that personalized travel, planned the right way, can deliver relaxation and rejuvenation (of course!) but also can benefit the places and its people that we visit.

The impact of a well-planned journey is felt by you when you return home from a life-changing vacation; it is also felt in the destination.

Want to change the world through travel and STILL have the luxurious vacation you need?

The devil (or angel) is in the details.

Make sure you are working with a Travel Advisor willing to be an expert – in you. 

A great vacation isn’t chosen of-the-rack; it has to be custom-designed to your likes, interests, passions and needs.  You just can’t get that from a brochure!

Look for VALUE

Look for the value what you are getting for the investment you make, and what your investment GIVES to the place you visit.

Did you know the best providers of luxury travel also are the best in sustainability as well?

Great initiatives with local communities provide work, locally-sourced un-Google-able experiences, and stability-creating opportunities for economic growth.

The BONUS is having your life changed by what you see and experience.

Don’t Sacrifice Luxury and Comfort over Doing Good

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury and comfort when doing great good.

Traveling responsibly with sustainability, and ethically has nothing to do with letting go of a certain comfort level, and everything to do with helping developing economies.

Take the Adventure WHILE Making the World a Better Place

So TAKE that adventure to Africa, the sailing in the bluest of seas, the dive into a wine and food culture, or any other adventure or exploration you desire.

Know that it can be done in such a way that you are also making a difference, and in making the world a better place.

luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on one of her adventures journeys

At Enlightened Journeys Travel, we design handcrafted travel itineraries for your immersive journeys of a lifetime.

Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in exclusive travel for you!