“Christmastime is Here….”

This is one of my favorite Holiday songs.  In whatever way you celebrate the Season and its traditions, Enlightened Journeys Travel wishes you peace, and joy!


Holiday Family Traditions

This time of year, especially, families will be gathering together or connecting by phone and video conferencing.  I certainly have experienced all creative ways to stay connected with my family when I was a military spouse. Not every Christmas was spent back home, so silly videos were sent, phone calls were made.  Later, when my husband was away, we continued our family traditions, especially our Christmas brunch extravaganza we call “Feast of the East” with him on Skype video, computer at his place at the table. Now with the kids grown, we find ways to gather before or after the day, and now the kids’ gifting to each other is the highlight because it is both thoughtful and hilarious.

Honoring My Parents

My siblings and their families gather the day after Christmas in our old hometown, a tradition to honor my parents. The time together is one of reminiscing about the last year- its highs and lows, what we got to do together. This year I am sure we will laugh and rejoice at our vacation together in Ireland.

One Door Closes, Another Door Opens …

The closing of one year also makes us think about the new one.

What will it bring? What dreams to dream?

When my family is together we pull out our calendars to see about the NEXT time to get together.  We plan holidays and milestone celebrations. And we plan vacations. We all have dream lists, and we try to fulfill one item per year.


What Are Your Intentions for 2020?

What are you reminiscing about from 2019? And what are you intending for 2020?

Whatever you are hoping for, I hope it comes true.  My wish for you is a fulfilling and happy New Year.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas


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