City Tours

Once in a Lifetime Luxury London Trip

We have written about perfect UK experiences for families with kids of all ages, now let’s focus on you and your sophisticated lifestyle.   What could the ULTIMATE LONDON Experience look like for you? Designed for two couples, travelling together, this ‘money... read more

Amsterdam Private Guided Tour: I Am Glad I Didn’t Come to Amsterdam Until Now

Even though I have lived in Europe, and even though I have been to the Netherlands, I have not been to Amsterdam, except to fly through. I thought I knew the city. I certainly knew parts of its story, through courses in history and culture, through travel advisor... read more

30 hours in Amsterdam: My One-of-a-kind-Amsterdam City Tour

Welkom to Amsterdam and the Netherlands! Amsterdam is a fascinating city for any interest, and easily reachable from the US.  It is a major hub for flights to all points in Europe and on to Africa, so some extra time spent here can be done to break up your travels as... read more

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