Coronavirus Travel Tips for Travel Lovers and Enthusiasts

Such confusing times for travelers! Today’s COVID-19 travel challenges can also work to your advantage. If you, like me, forge on in the face of Coronavirus (within reason), I can help you with value-added options while you plan. If you feel that, for you, caution makes you want options and flexibility, I am here for you, too.

COVID-19 Travel and Vacation Tips for Those Who Love Travel (but maybe just not right now)

Did you know:

  • some cruise lines are helping their guests decide when travel is best for them, through flexible cancelation or postponement options. I can help decipher the language so you can still plan for your travel future!
  • those travel agents and advisors, like me, with relationships with hotels and experience suppliers are working out options that allow journeying clients to postpone their travel and rebook later? I love talking with my friends worldwide as we find solutions for my clients. In that regard, what has been a rough month has also been a great relationship- deepening time for me that has proved highly beneficial to my clients.

And, here is some clarification in airline policies:

#1 Refunds?

Should you want to cancel a flight, in most cases, the waiver allows you to CHANGE your flights NOT REFUND the ticket. The situation is fluid, and I am keeping on top of each case for you best options. By and large, refunds without penalty happen when the airline cancels your flight.

When the airline decides to no longer fly to an affected Coronavirus area, they cancel the flight and you usually get a full refund.
Exceptions may exist–and I make sure I talk with the airline for current guidelines.

#2 Change Fees?

If the airline waives the fee for Coronavirus because you’d feel safer traveling at another time, we work with them and you to make sure you know what the terms are.

For me and my travel consultancy service, each case is an individual case, so I never offer one blanket solution- you deserve it.

In this time of uncertainty for some, I am waiving my change fee for those clients postponing trips if an area is affected by COVID-19, or traveling puts your health at risk because of it. Why would I take an even bigger hit to my travel business? Because I am not merely a travel seller; I am your travel advocate.  I know you will travel again, and if your itinerary is just the way you want it, there is no reason you should lose it or those hidden door travel experiences that were curated just for you.



I encourage you to PLAN TO TRAVEL while taking advantage of the current policies the travel industry is offering. I encourage you to work with me to sketch out your travel dream list so that I am able in the near and farther out future to jump op on special offers that add extra value to your journeys. WHAT’S ON YOUR WANDERLIST?

Now, more than ever, a travel advisor is your secret weapon!

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2020, I’d love to help!

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