5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Croatia in Autumn

Throughout the world, Croatia is a popular European vacation destination and is typically associated with summer and images of all-day sunshine, hot weather, blue sea, white beaches, colorful and diverse natural landscapes, towns along the coast. But a vacation in Croatia is no less vibrant in the autumn; in fact, there is compelling reason to consider it for your travels this September or October.


How to get the Biggest Bang for Your Dollar? A Croatia Vacation in Autumn!

Croatia in autumn can be even more beautiful and interesting than summer. As recommended by the locals, fall, like spring, is the ideal time to travel to Croatia because of the many reasons and perks it brings.

Just to name a few, here are five reasons why you should plan a Croatia vacation in autumn.

Croatia in Autumn, Adriatic Sea

#1 Much Less Crowded

In September, many travelers start to return to their home countries. As it progresses into autumn, Croatia becomes less crowded with tourists. It becomes much nicer and comfortable to travel to Croatia and visit the most popular travel sights without standing in line and bumping into people. Also, the people, who work in or closely with the tourism industry, are able to concentrate more effectively and delicately on delivering their high-quality products and services to you.

#2 Weather is Still Nice

Although the temperature can start to cool down in October, it can reach highs of 22 degrees (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in the day which is still ideal weather to sit on the sandy beaches of Dubrovnik and soak up the Mediterranean sun. We recommend bringing warmer clothes for the night, but the cooler weather allows you to explore the historic sights and natural surroundings without getting sunburn or heatstroke.

NOTE: I swam in the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea in late September and many have reported doing so into the first half of October!

Croatia in Autumn, food and wine

#3 Istrian Truffle Festivals and Wine Harvests

September and October are when communities across Istria celebrate the product for which this region is most famous: the truffle. On the main square in Buzet, they make a huge communal truffle omelette with as many eggs as numbers in the year. In Motovun, the Teran and Truffle Festival focuses on the fine red wine for which Istria is equally renowned.

#4 Nature is Beautiful as Always

Croatia is beautiful all year round, even in autumn. From the middle of September, at the start of autumn and until October, it still good enough to visit the most popular destinations on the picturesque Croatian coast where you can enjoy the lovely warm sunshine and gaze at the Adriatic Sea and stunning natural landscape shining in bright summer colors. During this time, it is perfect to visit the national parks such as Krka and Plitvice.

#5 Get More for Your Buck

Once the main season finishes and autumn begins, the prices slowly start to decrease and restore to normal which lasts until the next main season. Therefore, the main goods and services, which are usually related to travel, become much more affordable such as airplane tickets, public transport, accommodation, catering service at restaurants and cafes and tour packages.

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