8 Things to Make Your Croatia Vacation Extraordinary

Is Croatia on the top of your dream travel list?  It should be – and go soon!  Already this beautiful Balkan country has become “the” destination to discover, and is on most “must see” lists.


But Croatia is SO MUCH MORE than Dubrovnik, its coast or the one national park it is currently most known for, Plitvice Lakes. When you work with a Travel Advisor you can have memorable personalized experiences as well as seeing some pretty great sights. See my blog about the power of “Yes, And…”


images of Croatia, 8 Things to Make Your Croatia Vacation Extraordinary

Here is a short list of wonderful experiences you can have on your Croatia vacation to make your journey truly unique and extraordinary:


Add an activity:

#1  Swimming

Swim the most beautiful clear blue waters in the world in the Adriatic Sea, or in gin-clear rivers and lakes.

#2  Biking and Hiking

Get lost and bike or walk off the beaten path with incredible cycling and hiking routes across the mainland through natural wonders both on land and on so many islands (over 1,000!) to choose among.

#3  Sailing

Sail to secluded coves and beaches, stop on an island for lunch in the most secluded of spots where very few people have dined before.

#4  Kayaking, Canoeing and Boating

Kayak, canoe or take a motorboat up quiet rivers to small villages.


Taste and savor:

#5  Wineries

Wander through wine routes and discover hidden boutique wineries…taste to your heart’s content.

#6  Truffle

Go truffle hunting

#7  Cooking

Partake in an authentic Croatian cooking class preparing dishes only locals know.

#8  Culinary

Embark on a Croatia culinary route dotted with stops along the sea to eat mussels freshly pulled from water and grilled seaside, visit an oyster “farm” and savor this treat right from the source, visit a remote hilltop village to dine with a renowned chef, indulge in delicious slow roasted lamb, the freshest produce, prosciutto, oils, cheeses, pastas and much more.


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