Yes, and … How a Comedy Technique Can Help You Have Extraordinary Travel Adventures

Great travel adventures require collaboration with an expert travel advisor to expand your possibilities. Have you ever played or heard of the improvisation game, “Yes, And..”? It begins when someone states something, you accept it (“yes”), and then add something to it (‘and’). The method can also be used as a brainstorming method in business or any organization.


Travel Adventures for Travelers Who are Looking for Uniqueness, not Mass Tourism

It is something I do every day! No, I am not a comedienne, much as I would love to channel my inner Mrs. Maisel. But I do embrace a traveler’s enthusiasm to plan a dream journey AND try to add more about which they may not have known or thought.


Here’s how the power of a “Yes, and …” conversation with a travel expert (like me) can lead to the best adventure trips of your life.


#1  An extraordinary trip must feel personal

Getting off the too-beaten track, out of long lines, away from tourists are keys to a journey that yield the greatest return on your investment of time.

By having the “Yes, and…” conversation with a travel expert, the trip is catered to your likes, interests and passions, so that it is unique from anyone else’s.


#2  Exquisite travel must be comfortable

WHERE you lay your head at night is just as important as where you go and how you spend your time.

Think about this: if you don’t get a good night rest because you are uneasy about your surroundings or the bed is horrible, that is going to directly impact your overall travel experience. And you never want to come home and say, “The trip was ok, but ….” The goal here is to let you relax into the journey for full enjoyment, and not focus on the mechanics.

The power of “Yes, and…” with your travel advisor will drill down on HOW you travel, and deliver on the best route and means for YOU. You avoid the pitfalls that will mar your travel experience.  Just knowing how to do things in your destination requires expert guidance.

woman has her notebook in front of her, pen in her hand and is eating pastries and drinking coffee, How a Comedy Technique Can Help You Have Extraordinary Travel Adventures

#3  Having a travel expert in your corner

A further point: if things go wrong on your trip (a delayed flight or missed connection, a weather interference that will ruin your planned day outside, or any occurrence that takes you out of the delight of the journey itself), having someone in your corner to fix things is a priceless resource, any well-informed traveler will tell you.

When your precious time is a factor, you’ll want to maximize that by the best experiences you can have- and the “yes, and…” power of your travel professional can guarantee this outcome for you.

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#4  Getting out of your comfort zone for extraordinary experiences

But getting out of your comfort zone in the experiences you can have can make all the difference between an ordinary run-of-the-mill vacation that everyone has and one that is EXTRAORDINARY.


Because highly curated, insider-access, hidden door and (most of all) locally sourced and responsible experiences based on your likes and desires may challenge you, open new insights, expand your world, incite passion, creativity, GROWTH.

In a word, great travel will take you into a new realm, and TRANSFORM you.

A travel expert (like me), who gets to know you , opens up possibilities you didn’t know you could have.  This is the ultimate power of the “yes, and… “ conversation!


#5  Working on your travel bucket list

Best of all, a “Yes, and …” conversation with a travel expert (like me) will open new areas of the world you may not have considered for your travel bucket list.

  • You are someone who doesn’t want to be “just a tourist”.
  • You want your travels to mean something.
  • You read so many travel articles, magazines, blogs, and guidebooks.
  • You collect information, spend hours searching more about what peaks your curiosity.
  • You find a destination someone said is a “must visit” but don’t know all you can do there, or even if it will support your interests and move the ball forward in your personal growth.

That is where the power of the “Yes, And..” conversation with a true expert is invaluable to your ultimate journey.


Travel Adventures Become Possible When a Conversation Starts By Getting to Know You

When a conversation starts by getting to know you before there is even talk about the destination you are considering, a world of possibilities are opened to you.

“If you are a wine lover, dream of little storybook villages with true authentic flavor, love great food and local cuisine to include pasta, meats and seafood … and you also love mountains and seaside, you might think Italy is your dream vacation. Yes … AND. You might not know that to get to ALL you love you’d have to plan more time traveling from place to place within Italy to “have it all”. You might LOVE Slovenia for all these things combined within a small European country, Italian-flavored in its wine- and sea- locations that has wondrous Alps and charming villages. And all easy-to-reach to lessen the time to travel in between. The BONUS? You explore a place few of your friends or family have been, giving you that true discoverer delight.” ~Theresa Jackson

If you want have the power of “Yes, And…” in your travel planning, I’d love to have a conversation with you!

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2019, I’d love to help!

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