Luxury Family Travel: How to Plan and Travel the World with Your Family

With the right planning, traveling the world with your family CAN be fun, relaxing, stress-free. Helping our kids become global citizens through travel is one of the best gifts we can give them. We are increasingly aware that in today’s reality of the Internet and... read more

Top 5 Steps to Find the Best Luxury Travel Company Near You

Are you wondering what’s the best way to find the top luxury travel company near you? My daughter’s wedding reception is coming up soon and I am planning what to wear. In my closet are the dresses I had custom made while living in the Middle East.  The tailors... read more

Planning a Multi Family Vacation: A Guide to Traveling with Children and Grandchildren with Ease

Families don’t just get together at the holidays anymore. These days a multi family vacation is a popular way for grandparents too who want to spend more time with their grandchildren – and leave a lasting legacy as well. Traveling with three generations is... read more

The Least Expected Destination for Family Travel With the Greatest Experiences – Jordan

When you hear people talk about taking a relaxing, fun-filled family vacation, many trips involve amusements parks or tropical beach resorts. Jordan isn’t usually the first destination that comes to mind. Yes, travel to Jordan. Family travel alternative: Jordan,... read more

Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson Named Ambassador of Change

2017 is a huge year for me personally and professionally. My mission for making the world a better place through great travel adventures is growing! I can shine in my life’s work for sustainable and responsible tourism and a 2017 Ambassador of Change. Shining a Light... read more

Luxury Family Travel Trends and Beyond

Curious about luxury family travel trends? Our four kids are grown into their 20s now and I miss their younger days and our luxury family vacations together. What was once a given is now difficult as we compare calendars to find the time to gather. But when we do... read more

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