Top 5 Steps to Find the Best Luxury Travel Company Near You

needle set with yarn and sizzers, symbolizing the challenges of finding the best luxury travel companyAre you wondering what’s the best way to find the top luxury travel company near you? My daughter’s wedding reception is coming up soon and I am planning what to wear. In my closet are the dresses I had custom made while living in the Middle East.  The tailors in the souks are remarkable and work with any fabric I bring them from my world travels or purchase in the souks. These dresses are exactly fitted to me and wear on my body better than anything I buy off the rack even at the best of stores, saving me time in adjustments, the fear of a mistakes, and money.

This got me to thinking about bespoke in general and in travel specifically.

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~Epictetus. Click To Tweet

No matter how well-made a generic trip is, nothing beats custom-made for the right fit and the value of saved money and time.

Here is How You Can Find the Best Luxury Travel Company Who Will Fulfill All Your Personal Travel Dreams

Now, there is nothing wrong with luxury group tours for all they offer in comfort, access and the opportunity to meet others.

But those good points are countered with one word: compromise.

A packaged luxury travel tour has a set itinerary that caters to pleasing the many over the few so that even if you have seen some sights before, you will see them again should you travel with a group.

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And it is difficult to get a larger number of people into hidden door venues.

Compromise is wasted time and money for what you truly want.

“Compromise is wasted time and money for what you truly want.” ~Theresa Jackson

Ask for a Customized Travel Itinerary!

That’s why the best luxury travel company providing high end travel services near you will offer completely customized trips to match your individual interests, travel style, even pacing with just the right mixture of guided experiences and “down time” to reflect, explore and allow for unscripted moments.

A bespoke journey is based on what you like – and what you don’t, your preferences in grand hotels or small intimate inns, if you like to dine on haute cuisine or simple fare, the type of transportation you enjoy.

A bespoke journey serves up exactly what you want.

hand holding a luxurious plate with food on it, How To Find The Best Luxury Travel Company

Can They Open Hidden Doors for You?

old metal keys, symbolize the power a luxury travel company has to open hidden doorsThe right luxury travel company will have the cache to open hidden doors for you to get you private audiences, exclusive art viewings, secluded moments for celebrations.

Each journey will mirror back what you had hoped to gain from it in the first place.


Do They Have the Experience to Understand and Fulfill Your Luxury Travel Needs?

The more experienced a traveler you are, the harder it will be to please or interest you, and this alone is the best reason for choosing a bespoke trip curated just for you, without compromise.

Isn’t that what travel dreams are made of?

Like a tailor, a luxury travel planner takes note of your uniqueness to design a one-of-a-kind creation just for you. Click To Tweet

When it comes time for your own luxury family travel or luxury adventure travel journeys, choosing the right travel company becomes the most important decision to make.  It will make the rest of the planning process – and the trip itself – easy, seamless, fulfilling and memory-making.


5 Steps On How to Find the Best Luxury Travel Company

You are looking for a partner and travel advisor for your travel dreams. Here are steps on how to make the right choice for you.


Step #1: Take Note of How Many Questions You Ask in Your Initial Conversation

  • Does the advisor just ask about the destination you want?
  • Worse, does she or he pull out a brochure?

This could be a red flag indicating they are focused on product rather than you. Look instead for an luxury travel advisor near you who asks questions seemingly unrelated to travel because they are gauging your style.

They should ask about the feeling you want to remember from the trip.  They should ask you about the worst travel experiences you have had as well as the best.

Their aim should be getting to know YOU to better recommend experiences catered to you.


Step #2: Ask the Luxury Travel Company What His or Her Specialities Are

If they don’t have at least one, they are a generalist and master of none.

Where have they traveled recently?


Step #3: Know the Terms the Travel Advisor Sets for Working Together

two people shaking their hands, closing a luxury travel deal with a luxury travel companyBe prepared to pay a fee for services rendered, much as you would a financial advisor, personal stylist or investor.

You are being offered the opportunity to use her or his valuable knowledge and connections to gain exclusive access.

The time it takes to do in depth research and deliver it in a timely manner is well worth the pay-off in experiences, VIP service and value-added amenities not offered to most.

And remember, a great luxury travel company’s service doesn’t end at the delivery of your documents; they are with you to smooth any rough edges throughout your trip until you return home- sometimes even after you return.


Step #4: Ask about the People With Whom They Work Around the World

  • You do not want a situation where your guides, drivers, or other services are subcontracted.
  • You want to be in the hands of those partners that have their own specially selected and trained employees.
  • You want each experience to be “road tested”.
  • If you want, you should have direct contact with the partner in the planning process.
  • You can expect a host in your destination to immediately answer your call or be there in the background making sure of the arrangements and making adjustments where needed.
  • These travel advisors work with partners who know when you want something done right, you do it yourself.


Step #5 and Final Step: Seek Out a Collaborator – With Opinions

Your luxury travel advisor should be a resource for you whose job it is to know more about the destination to advise you and even show you what you didn’t know. Her sources of information should be deeply vetted for this is the only way to obtain for you truly customized journeys with specialized local experts in any field you desire.

When it comes to your travel vocabulary, compromise is not a word it should include. Bespoke travel adds the value of personal experiences to a custom fit that is just your size. Click To Tweet

Compromise is not a word that should be in your travel vocabulary.

Bespoke travel adds the value of personal experiences for a custom fit that is just your size.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in exclusive travel for you!