10 Reasons Your Next France Vacation Should Be To … NOT PARIS

Traveling to France is one of the most romantic things I have ever done. And not just “romantic” in the hearts-and-flowers sense. The ROMANCE of France lies in its diverse landscapes, stunning nature, great food and wine (naturally), lifestyles, history and culture. Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash

The ROMANCE of France is in its nature, history, food and wine, culture. #globallocal #EnlightenedTraveler Click To Tweet


Each area of the country offers something new and different, so that you could spend weeks there and never get bored. France is truly a heart-expanding destination full of journeys that astound and delight. I simply cannot get enough of it.


Which is why I say Forget Paris. Sacrilege, right?

But France is not just Paris. And, depending on what you want from your travels, Paris may not be your destination to be in France.

Which is Reason #1 why your next vacation in France should not be to Paris – your interests could take you elsewhere.

Reason #2: Nature!

France has mountains, forests, the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, gorges, caves, rivers, islands, as a few of its natural features. Its wildlife is abundant. For the nature and adventure lovers out there, France does not disappoint.

Reason #3: Local handcrafted goods.

You know the great brand names come from France, but handcrafted and originality is where it is at for true uniqueness and personal style and memories of travel.

Perfume from Provence, leather, shoes, wearables (how about those famous sandals from the French Riviera), and all sorts of body products are just a few or what the country and countryside have to offer.

But, let’s get down to a specific example and concentrate just on one area of the country to illustrate my argument to skip Paris on your next trip to France, go beyond the crowd-sourced “must-sees” and explore what is important to you.


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A favorite expert partner in Bordeaux offers this perspective, and I give you reasons to travel elsewhere in France:


After a 20-year renovation, France’s 8th largest city, located in the South West, is back to its former glory.

Here are 7 Reasons to go to Bordeaux:

#1 History abounds:
The WHOLE CITY has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2007, making it one of the largest urban regions with the distinction.

#2 Easy to reach:
Now just a 2 hour, 5 minute train ride from central on high speed trains.

#3 Something for the wine lovers:
Bordeaux is the world’s wine capital where some of the most prestigious wines are produced.

#4 It is also home to France’s brand new wine museum La Cité du Vin:
It represents wine producing countries all over the world.

#5 Great food, too:
From Michelin-starred restaurants to up-and-coming chefs, to the regional specialties; Bordeaux is a foodie destination.

#6 Stay in a place with a sense of place:
The region offers a selection of 5* hotels as well as deluxe rooms in private chateaux, villas & other private accommodation.

#7 Modern art and architecture mix with the classic style:
You can get a design lesson just from viewing the CAPC modern art museums to recent constructions in the city, or from wineries designed by world-famous architects.

#8 Close proximity to other natural wonders:
The city is just 1 hour from the natural reserve of Arcachon Bay with the Dune de Pyla – a paradise for nature lovers where the specialty is oyster farming.

A country is not solely defined by its main city, not matter how famous or grand it is. Get to know more of France; you won’t be sorry you ventured out!

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