A Perfect Family Adventure Destination: Your Ecuador and Galápagos Family Vacation Dream

Are you dreaming of a family vacation that’s educational, culturally unique and full of adventure? Consider mainland Ecuador or the Galápagos Islands … or both!


A Perfect Family Adventure Destination to Create Lifelong Memories and Light Up Their Lives

Family memories you’ll never forget.


Mainland Ecuador is one of South America’s best-kept secrets.

Dramatic highland scenery, active snow-capped volcanoes, colorful indigenous cultures, picturesque colonial towns and the fascinating wildlife of the Amazon jungle are just the start. Plus, traveling in Ecuador with kids couldn’t be easier.

Ecuador family vacation

A Safe, Friendly, AND Adventurous Family Vacation

It has a pleasant climate with short travel times between its main attractions.

It’s safe, friendly and brimming with wildlife, and there are plenty of adventures – from canyoning and paddling in the jungle to biking through the cloud forest and so much more. And, its beautiful capital city, Quito, is a wonder of culture, great food and exciting experiences.

Ecuador and Galapagos Family Vacation, great food

Do you have children interested in nature and exotic wildlife?

What better adventure destination to visit than “Darwin’s test kitchen”, the Galápagos?

Galapagos Islands Family Vacation

Your One-of-a-Kind Galápagos Islands Family Adventure Vacation

The Galápagos Islands are the best place on the planet to have a vacation, explore, connect with, and truly understand nature. It’s every kid’s fantasy island – where they can

  • snorkel with sea lions,
  • visit Giant Tortoises lumbering across the fields, and
  • walk white sandy beaches with a plethora of bird life.

As the planet’s up-close wildlife encounter, this adventure vacation will transport your family to a world few have the privilege of seeing.

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Family adventure vacations abroad aren’t just happy memories in the making.

This vacation type is also an opportunity to

  • teach your children about the world they live in,
  • meet cultures different from their own, and
  • explore the benefits of being open-minded.

For your next family adventure vacation discover wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth.

Mainland Ecuador is Equally as Exciting for a Family Vacation

Ecuador and Galapagos Family Vacation: A Perfect Family Adventure Destination, indigenous people

Beautiful Ecuador is a relatively small country next to some better-known giants, but it’s a stand-alone vacation destination and a GIANT in terms of sites, experiences, and unique places!

Ecuador has mountains and volcanoes – as well as mighty rivers, the ocean, the Amazon rainforest, indigenous peoples, delicious and fresh cuisine, and plenty of international flairs.

This ‘mainland Ecuador’ vacation tour explores some of the top highlights, beginning with high-elevation capital city of Quito, where you arrive. From there it is an odyssey of mountains, rivers, biking, hiking, canyoning, rafting, and more and more adventures.

Adventure Activities on Your Ecuador Family Vacation

Bike in the cloud forest, go canyoning and paddle in the jungle, learn about the nature of some of the richest ecosystems on Earth, and experience the culture of true indigenous people that have amazing stories to tell. Ecuador is great for active families and individuals of all ages, with variations possible as needed. Family travel at its most exciting!

Ecuador and Galapagos Family Vacation: A Perfect Family Adventure - Volunteer Work

Want Volunteer Time to Immerse in Making the World a Better Place?

There are wonderful opportunities to immerse in local culture (and stay in comfort) deep in the Amazon.

For school community service hours, family teaching moments, true connections to a destination and its people, there is nothing better than sprinkling VETTED volunteer experiences in your family vacation.

Let’s talk about the ethical options I endorse!

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