How to Be More Creative: Can Travel Contribute to Your Creativity?

Are you asking yourself how to be more creative? I work in a creative field. I think most people must be creative in some way in their work life. None of us can afford to sit behind a desk or our computer – whatever and wherever – and expect business to just come strolling through the door. And in our personal lives, creativity and imagination is the opportunity for growth.

Lately I have been in a very creative space, both professionally and personally. I live in wonder of what I am experiencing! I feel most times like the heroine of my own adventure with the life I finally took the steps to design.

There are a few reasons for this.


How to Be More Creative: The Top 3 Actions I Take to Increase my Creative Juices in Personal and Professional Life


#1 Increase Social and Intellectual Engagement (People)

First, I immerse myself in interesting groups of people near me.


Living in Two Places

Now, I am lucky to live in two places – one in the U.S. so that I can keep tabs on my family and friends, and in the Middle East, where my husband works. To keep balanced and be around people – and make friends, I join in groups and activities that are of interest to me, or are filled with people I am interested in being around.


I am a joiner.

I join groups, such as expat organizations when I live abroad, a yoga studio to keep up my practice, but also to meet interesting people. I attend lectures on topics I am curious about. At home, I am part of networking groups that expand my circle of influence. Just being around people that are bright and engaged fuels my energy and, ultimately, charge my creative juices through social and intellectual engagement. I get to choose the people who are good for me and my soul through being a joiner.


I Show Up

My main strategy is to show up in order to meet those who can enhance my life, and for whom I can reciprocate, for giving is a great way to receive.


#2 Travel to Inspiring Destinations and Do Inspiring Things (Places)

Second, I travel.


Become the New You

Travel, to me, is like taking everything I know, or think I do, and mixing it up with everything I don’t.

That vast unknown opens me up to greater possibilities.

Greater Possibilities and New Perspectives

Traveling gives me new perspective, certainly makes me introspective, and through this process I change and see old things anew as well as new things yet to be done.


Connecting with People I meet on the Go

Of course, wherever I go, the people I meet – either the local guides and their friends and families, or people in the communities I spend time in, and the people with whom I travel – allow me to gain insight I never would have just visiting a tourist site.

No, my travel must be more than that to induce the type of CHANGE to move my creativity to new heights.

How to Be More Creative: Can Travel Contribute to Your Creativity? | Enlightened Journeys Travel - Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson

#3 Living a Purposeful Life (Purpose)

Third, my work inspires more creativity in me than previously I know I had.


Changing Others Lives

If I could describe my life’s work to my younger self, I would say that I take the time to understand people so that I can help them realize a dream and literally, change their lives.

I know, through my own life experience, that to do that, one cannot just “show up and see what happens”. No, moments of truth and clarity – even surprise – come from a framework that allows you to be relaxed enough to be open to the things that come your way. And, if you are exploring an interest or passion, those doors should be opened for you.

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How to Be Creative: People, Places, and Purpose

The convergence of these three areas – people, places, and purpose – can be the greatest cauldron for stirring up your own creativity and force that will change your life as it has mine. Just imagine the energy you receive from being around others who are seeking the same thing: interesting people, fun/challenge/engagement in other cultures and destinations, seeking to enhance their life’s purpose. Travel can bring all this about and very tellingly change your life through both personal and shared experiences.


Are You Ready to Explore an Interest, Passion or Your Life’s Purpose?

One of my current creative outlets as a luxury travel advisor is creating curated small groups trips for people of the same mind – to meet other interesting people from all over, have the time and space to converse with each other while sharing incredible eye – and heart-opening adventures of cultural immersion, and rejuvenating those creative juices to affect change in your own purpose, in work, and in your personal life.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

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