How to Plan a Family Vacation Where Everyone Feels Safe – From Grandparents to Grandkids

If you have planned your family vacation, you know the amount of time and effort it takes. Planning MULTI generational travel takes that up to another level. How to involve everyone, give breaks, incorporate all interests and needs for down time? In today’s reality, now there is the extra concerns of sanitizing and social distancing.

From my own recent travels and comments from my clients who are traveling, here are five steps to planning a family or multigenerational family trip where everyone feels safe.


Five Steps to Plan A Safe Family Vacation

#1 Build Your Travel Pod

Being safe begins with starting safe. When you are approaching your travel dates, it is important to be COVID-free, not only to get on the plane or check in to your accommodation, but also for each other. Where you can, get into your quarantine mindset again for the 2 weeks leading up to travel, and where you cannot, get tested before travel. Now you are ready to travel in a “pod” where you know you all are safe for each other.

#2 Consider Private Accommodations – With Excellent Sanitization Credentials

Not every accommodation is equal when it comes to your safety. Now more than ever it is important to look for places that not only fit your family comfortably, but also has the methods in place to keep you healthy. The benefit of your own accommodation- villa, cottage, private home- is found in the social distancing it provides. Remember: many resorts have private accommodations, giving you the ease of all the support of the property while providing a haven just for you. Other suggestion: a privately chartered yacht.

#3 Embrace the (Right) Local Guide

A great local guide is like having a cousin who lives in the area you visit. Actually, it is better: you get to tell the guide all your family’s interests before you travel, and he/she can prepare options for you. They know the region inside and out and are friends and family with the best restauranteurs, outfitters, artisans, craftsmen and more. The dialog and the meeting of your “person” can begin before you travel! The local expert knows the area better than an Airbnb host or guidebook ever will. They know how to connect any member of your family to an interest, they are flexible in your touring- whether to linger longer or less as interest and moods dictate. More than the benefit of connective travel, the right local guide can make sure you are compliant with the county, state, county or region’s regulations. If the vetted local guide is with you the whole vacation, you still maintain your health-safe pod. Picking the right guide is essential to a fulfilling and safe vacation.

#4 Get Outdoors

If COVID is passed in close distances to others who are infected, then being outdoors in ways where you “have the whole place to yourselves” is not only the antidote, but also the opportunity to have those epic adventures to remote places, or a quiet gathering with daily small outside excursions. While going to Disney or taking the kids to a museum is not what is on your radar right now, maybe it is time to shift focus to the fun and learning the outdoors provides. Connect kids to nature in a way they haven’t before, see iconic nature they may have only seen in books or documentaries. Of course, there still can be crowds at iconic sites such as Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone, so I go back to the beauty of a local guide who will have a thoughtful, creative way with stunning vantage points to see those things without being among the hordes on a standard viewing tour or time.

#5 Safe and Spectacular Activities – Privately Guided

The Internet is bursting with “Best of” suggestions in almost any destination. The problem is: everyone else is reading and planning those as well. How to maintain social distancing on a crowded trail is difficult and takes away from the experience. Experienced, vetted private guides are the way around this to take you far from the crowds without lessening the experience- probably enhancing it, since you are avoiding the cookie-cutter effect of crowd-sourcing.

These five suggestions are a part of series of steps and details I take care of for clients. I am happy to help you get the life-fulfilling travel of your dreams for your family.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2020 and 2021, I’d love to help!

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