An ENLIGHTENED Journey Starts with Extraordinary Planning – How to Turn Your Bucket List into a Travel PLAN

What is more exciting than looking forward to a trip? Especially one that we have wanted to do for… well, forever? Or one that unites us with loved ones? Or one that lets us get away from it all? Taking time to travel, after all, is one of life’s great pleasures – but there is a catch. The TIME must be taken! Of all life’s priorities (and goodness knows there are many), leisure time is that one asset you cannot earn back.


We all have good intentions to check off the travel dreams on our bucket list:

  • We wish to take our family on a trip. One that is far beyond the regular and teaches them about the world, cultures, maybe even challenges, the way others live, wildlife- maybe even outdoor adventures together.
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  • Or, we wish to travel often with orspouse, or our group of friends.
  • Or, we wish to carve out time, just for ourselves to take a breather, rejuvenate, explore or immerse in wellness.

It could be any dream we wish for:

  • a safari,
  • a sailing in the Greek Islands, or Croatia,
  • that trip to Patagonia or Galapagos or Machu Picchu.
  • seeing whale migration, or the Northern Lights.
  • cooking in Italy,
  • cycling through lavender fields and tasting wines in France.

There are so many good reasons to travel, and be transformed by it. The problem is in the scheduling. As my husband always says, “Wish is not a method”.

You have the best of intentions, but you know how it goes. LIFE is busy, often hectic. What is right in front of us, every day, creates blinders on the planning of time to enrich our lives. And when we DO start to plan, the hours and hours (40, on average) it takes just to research the possible outcome of the trip is daunting. So, a quick search to get the family to Florida or for you to escape to a beach to relax in the Caribbean is the most expedient thing to do. At least you did something, right?

a couple in front of hot balloons and ancient ruins, text because someday never seems to happen, An ENLIGHTENED Journey Starts with Extraordinary Planning - How to Turn Your Bucket List into a Travel PLAN

But here’s the thing: when I have done this, I always felt I was missing out. Of giving my family what I knew would be a wonderful opportunity to stretch boundaries. Of great memories to create with friends (“that one time, in Tuscany…”), of the personal opportunity to give myself the space and time to reconnect with my creativity and center myself again.

Travel should be life-changing – every time, and to do this, you need a plan.


What’s on your “wanderlist’? My unique, innovative method developed like a financial planner’s portfolio, combines “Netflix-style” technology with my deep expertise as a Travel Advisor. I take the deep dive to intensively learn about my clients to give a customized 3-5 year travel portfolio, much like a financial planner creates with your finances and life goals in mind.

The result: a fun process and plan that helps save you time and money – but also prioritizes what matters most: a clear path to fulfilling your travel dreams. It’s called Wanderlist.

How Enlightened Journeys Provides Exclusive Revolutionary Travel Planning

3 steps to your travel portfolio: Curate, Connect, Collaborate

Enlightened Journeys Travel works to get to know YOU and your travel companions, so that all your bucket list dreams are met and exceeded .

#1 Curate

First, you explore the world. You will rate by what you want to visit, want to return, unsure, already visited, or no interest. From our whole list, you will rank your personal top five.

Anyone can do this- even kids from the age of 5!

Next, you will do the same process for your interests (like, culture, wellness, history, wildlife, shopping, food & wine, etc) Together, we curate your interests, passions, priorities. The process is completely interactive, and you can change your mind as you review the results, or your dreams change.

Once done, I provide side-by-side comparisons of what every member of your group has selected. Imagine the conversations this will lead to after your “Big Reveal”!

#2 Connect

Now comes the fun! You are given an online personalized travel portal that contains a virtual library of music, videos, books and links so you can immerse yourself in each destination of your dreams. Further, you are encouraged to create a must see or do list from un-Google-able experiences suggested only to you. No more searching for what you want, it is all right there, and can lead to our collaboration on even more! And, you are sent new information periodically that keeps you abreast of new trends in travel curated to your interests.

Take your time- browse in short bursts, or binge-watch. It is up to you.

Remember: You can reprioritize your destinations, interests, and experiences again and again.

#3 Collaborate

The last step is our one-to-one meeting, in person or virtually, to craft a travel plan that celebrates milestones, sets the timeframe for life moments, achieves the goals you want in your travel dreams. I combine your priorities with variables like the best times to go, your schedule, and budget. The goal: to maximize your time and money.

Your personal travel portfolio, much like a financial plan, will give you a concrete idea of what to budget for and the roadmap to making your dreams and wishes a reality.

But with my incomparable process, you will have someone who understands your needs and desires (and those of your travel companions). And that saves the effort of beginning again for those more complicated or momentous trips you have to get right.

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Enlightened Journeys Travel Benefits and Highlights

  • The Wanderlist travel portfolio takes your bucket list from dreams to plan. With Enlightened Journeys Travel, you have the roadmap to accomplishing your goals.
  • Individualized to each member of the group so that priorities and interests are cross-referenced to create custom experiences.
  • Suggested travel plans to include destination priorities and interests curated by expert travel advisor, Theresa Jackson.
  • Best value and cost savings achieved by planning ahead, choosing the right time to travel for you, combining destinations to save on airfare, and using exchange rates to your advantage.
  • Cost is forecasted based on destination, trip duration and desired level on accommodations and services.
  • And, there is the flexibility to edit, change and add as often as you like, for as long as you are an Enlightened Journeys client.

Studies show that ANTICIPATION is a major factor in taking a trip.

Theresa creates your portfolio from your Wanderlist to significantly enhance this stage.

a father and a daughter with face painting, gift memories, not things. An ENLIGHTENED Journey Starts with Extraordinary Planning - How to Turn Your Bucket List into a Travel PLAN

Give the Gift of Travel

Expert travel planning and a roadmap of a bucket list is essential to the fulfilling outcome of a great trip. Enlightened Journeys invites you to an exclusive planning method that gives you great ROI. Even more, it gives your Return on LIFE to yields great memories of a lifetime. This planning service can be a wonderful gift to give yourself and your loved ones, or someone you are celebrating!

woman on her wildlife safari, carpe every diem, An ENLIGHTENED Journey Starts with Extraordinary Planning - How to Turn Your Bucket List into a Travel PLAN
luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on one of her adventures journeys

At Enlightened Journeys Travel, we design handcrafted travel itineraries for your immersive journeys of a lifetime.

Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in exclusive travel for you!