How Custom Travel Helps to Protect and Grow Lion Prides in Africa

In the spirit of the release of this summer’s favorite blockbuster movie, luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson from Enlightened Journeys Travel would like to highlight the good YOU can do in your adventure travels to help protect and grow diminishing populations of lion prides in Africa.


Did You Know Your Adventure Vacation Can Help to Save and Grow Africa’s Lion Prides?

It can, with the right travel outfitters! So, to help you get in the mood to plan your adventure vacation to Africa, let’s debunk some myths that might be holding you back.


Top 10 Africa Travel Myths

#1 Africa is disease-ridden.

Yes, areas with Ebola have been in the news, but it is on the decline AND only in contained areas. It is not in southern Africa (South Africa, Zambezi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia) and not all countries here require vaccines and/or are malaria free. So long as you follow the protocol*, you are disease-protected.

*Work with an expert Travel Advisor who knows Africa.

#2 Southern Africa isn’t safe.

One way to protect yourself anywhere in the world is use an experienced Travel Advisor with the established contacts in the destination to ensure all will be ok. As to the fear of crime: Botswana and Namibia and Zambia are very safe – they listed as safer than USA in travel advisories!

#3 Safaris are dangerous.

Well, only if you run or do something to stand out – that makes you been seen as prey in the mind of a wild animal. ALWAYS use a reputable Travel Advisor to place you with the best safari outfitters and DON’T use a fly-by-night operator or be tempted by cheapest price (there is a reason for it, and it isn’t good). Enlightened Journeys Travel always works with operators that have their own standards of air and land safety that exceed the maximum imposed. And other such perks as a doctor on call 24/7.

#4 Safaris are expensive.

How to put a price on something so profound as life-changing??? Consider all is included in a well-designed safari experience PLUS the value of trust and excellence of all components, what price wouldn’t be worth it. What about the price of reflections of the day? What about the smells- from nature and the excellent level of food and wine? Or the knowledge that you are actively participating in conservation and preservation of communities in southern Africa?

#5 Wild animals are roaming everywhere.

No, which is why a great guide is so important. Animals are scared of humans and will stick to own paths.


How Custom Travel Helps to Protect and Grow Lion Prides in Africa

#6 Sleeping outside is the norm, and there is no wifi.

Sleeping outdoors CAN be an experience to have one of your nights, but it is not the norm for every night (unless you want that). Southern Africa have some of most luxurious eco camps in the world. While I’d love you to disconnect to reconnect, I do provide places where there is wifi and leave the choice up to you.

#7 It is hot all the time in Africa.

It can get cold in winter, so it is nice to have fleece blankets and hot water bottles provided. It does get hot (in Botswana for example in October and a few weeks also in January in southern Africa). For your comfort, siesta time is scheduled for the middle of the day, and i always help with places that have pools or private plunge pools at your accommodations. And, make sure of places that always have ice at the ready for your G and T!

#8 There is nothing to see apart from animals.

But with a great Travel Advisor like Enlightened Journeys Travel, we can arrange more than the safari-like wine immersion, art galleries, community visits, farm experiences, cultural exploration …..

#9 You can’t take children on safari. WHY NOT???

Africa and safaris are safe, with our guidance. Affordability? Check. Activities to interest children on their level? Oh, yes. Family-centric safaris? Of course, you just need the right travel resource!

#10 Africa is complicated.

Well, it IS a big continent of vast distances. But when you work with a Travel Advisor who knows Africa, like Enlightened Journeys Travel, you leave your desires with me, and receive your dreams delivered in an itinerary that exceeds your expectations. How easy is that?

I will be hosting a live webinar with an Africa partner in September, so be sure to watch this space or request an invitation.


Photo credit: Wilderness Safaris

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