Sicily Sights, Food & Wine Small Group Exploration


Mention Sicily to an Italian and they’ll bring up one topic – food and wine! Sicily’s varied landscapes – spanning craggy coastlines, green hills, fertile plains and vineyard-draped valleys – is as diverse as Sicilian cooking. Over the years, countless cultures reshaped Sicilian cuisine – including the Greeks, the Romans, the French, the Spanish, and the Arabs.  As a result, traditional dishes boast a surprising mix of flavors.

This 13-day itinerary will be a true introduction to real and authentic Sicilian gastronomic heritage.

Some highlights of the journey include: visiting open-air markets and diving into the world of Sicilian street food, pizza making in the Sicani Mountains, visiting a dairy farm to see the laborious production of provola, ricotta, and DOP Ragusano cheese, a hands-on chocolate experience in the sweet world of Modica, and, of course, a trip to Sicily would be remiss without a gelato or granita tasting!!

These are just a handful of the tasty and tantalizing experiences that await you in bella Sicilia.

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