A Luxury Eco Safari Can Save The World – How You Can Choose to Travel for Good

Did you ever go on a luxury eco safari? I used to love to primitive camp. Put me out in the woods with barely a tent, and I was happy to be connected to nature. I learned the principles of Leave No Trace which taught me more than I wanted about minimal impact on the land and to flora and fauna. My favorite experience was a backcountry backpacking trip in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming when I was 16.

As I grew older my vision broadened as I became worried about negative effects on the environment and wildlife. When I turned my studies to Sustainability I learned that cultures were threatened as well. As most people feel, with all this going wrong, what can I do to make it right?

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A Luxury Eco Safari Can Save the World!

The answer came to me in my own career. As a person who helps her clients travel to the far corners of the world, the question becomes: How are we able to preserve, conserve and improve places so that future generations may experience them as well?

The answer lies in traveling with good sustainable practices like ecotourism, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, or ethical tourism. I call it “Travel For Good”.

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Sustainability Without Comfort?

But does sustainability mean I have to sacrifice comfort?

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My younger primitive camping days behind me now, I appreciate a luxurious bed and comfortable surroundings. But I still hate to be closed away from nature. So I began seeking out leaders in travel who embodied and practice the principles of Leave No Trace and other means of Sustainable Tourism- without sacrificing luxury. And the ones I align with not only preserve the locality and environment, they partner with the local community to help it maintain its culture as well …

 What An Eco Safari Can Be …

An eco safari can be one adventure that is anchored in sustainability, bringing commerce, conservation and community-building around preserved natural wonders rather than exploiting the land.


What is an ECO SAFARI?

A safari as an EXPEDITION to observe animals in their natural habitat.

The dictionary defines safari as an EXPEDITION to observe animals in their natural habitat. The “old school” connotation is a hunt in East Africa. But today’s enlightened travelers know the value of observing nature and wildlife with preserving their numbers and natural habitats. An Eco Safari is intended only for those intrepid travelers who desire to observe wildlife with respect for habitat and natural life. The bonus is it also sustains the local community and their culture because they are shareholders in the tourism their area brings.

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luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson with national park rangers in the Kruger national park on her luxury eco safari tour

Where to go on an Eco Safari?


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Far beyond the African safari and the hope of seeing the Big Five (and Big Eight), the adventurous luxury traveler can have spectacular and exciting wildlife encounters only seen on nature programs. The Arctic polar bear, Charles Darwin’s penguins, the Kodiak bear fishing for salmon, the Amazon’s pink dolphin, the elusive jaguar, the Bengal tiger, breaching whale – and so many others – leads the curious traveler to all corners of the world, by all modes or transport (foot, horseback, boat, kayak, specially designed observatories….) even to his or her own backyard in North America!

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Why go on a Luxury Eco Safari?

Here is the honest low down: because your WELL PLACED dollars help fuel conservation efforts.

The smart luxury traveler seeks out not only where his or her dollar creates the best value for themselves but also where it benefits the world around them. This is true Luxury Travel, in my opinion! You achieve both the adventure of a lifetime (and let’s face it, some serious bragging rights) AND the satisfaction that you contributed to the best practices that build or maintain pristine swaths of land, a healthy environment, and thriving habitat for future generations of like-minded enlightened luxury travelers to enjoy and learn from.

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When to go on an Eco Safari?


Wildlife is out there, and the luxury adventure awaits you!

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The season depends on what you want to see and where the migratory or life rhythm is at a given period. Contact a knowledgeable Luxury Travel Advisor to get you to see what lights up your soul!


So, HOW to go on an Luxury Eco Safari?

Work with me as your Luxury Travel Advisor whose cornerstone is Sustainability. Quite simply (and pardon my directness), we exist in the high end adventure travel arena because of our passion for a better world; we know the right places to stay and expert guides in the field. And, as a Luxury Travel Advisor, I know HOW you can stay in the wild with the upmost in comfort – all without negatively impacting the environment!

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A community has to “buy in” to the idea the sustaining their land and culture can be economically beneficial to them. Your well-invested tourism dollars provide support and proof to the community to treasure its local environment and wildlife and to not sell them off to the highest bidder for other purposes. You help to preserve what is truly valuable- culture and the environment. You help save these for future generations. Travel for Good!

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If you are interested in a further discussion or presentation on this issue of SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, I am happy to meet with you or your group. My passion is to not only see your investment create the ultimate experience for you, but to also ensure you are making the difference you intend in the world.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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