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Luxury Family Travel – A Time to Explore and Transform


When it comes to family travel time, all members deserve the vacation of their dreams.

  • Are you someone who wants to enhance your children or grandchildren’s education through travel?
  • Do you believe seeing and touching history and culture strengthens the learning opportunity?
  • Do you want your children (or grandchildren) to have the skills to work, play and affect positive change in the world as they grow?

We at Enlightened Journeys Travel are Ambassadors of Change and have a program for families called “The Journey To Global Citizenship” which will help families plan travel for years in advance, timed to the interests of their children as they grow up.

“Theresa Jackson has planned countless trips for me and my family.  Having four children ranging from elementary school to college, we find it difficult to plan a family vacation that meets everyone’s needs.  Theresa Jackson is able to design the perfect mix of educational, recreational, and relaxation activities to make our trips enjoyable for all.”

Broaden Horizons and Traveling For Good

As a luxury travel expert I liken this luxury travel concept to a financial advisor watching your investment portfolio over time with your goals in mind. I see luxury family travel as an investment in your children’s day their productive future.

wildlife encounters at the Galapagos Islands, luxury family travelIf you are looking to

  • venture farther out into the world on a journey for the family that will broaden their horizons,
  • bring them to spectacular locations on your luxury family travel trip, show them how others live,
  • give them the precious gift of a world perspective,

then these are journeys that not only are memory-makers but vital educators as well. 

It is hands on active immersion that reveals the destination to all family members.

  • Imagine sharing a giraffe sighting with your animal-loving granddaughter, and taking her to an elephant sanctuary to help feed the youngsters – or spotting seal lions in the Galapagos from your Zodiac.
  • Imagine spending a relaxing family summer holiday in Switzerland, where there are a myriad of activities all or some could do together, and gather at the end of the day by a fire under the stars to share a chef-prepared meals and tales of the day.
  • You could explore ancient cultures in Asia (and of course beach time), learn to make pasta in Italy.

“If you are going to go to a country for the first time, paying someone to plan it right will actually save you money because you won’t need to go back, at least for a while.  There are so many places in the world to explore, and Theresa Jackson makes it the best experience possible.” ~The Chan Family from Long Island New York


Taking a Luxury Family Travel Vacation is a Time to Relax

Willy and Sheila Walker and family, Aboard National Geographic Endeavour in Galápagos

Busy lives, busy schedules – it seems these are the norms these days. Sports and Scouts, school and a myriad of other activities enhance children’s’ lives, but also make it difficult to bring the family together for “down” time.

Family travel can mean everything from going to see the grandparents to getting together – on a getaway.

More families these days are choosing a restorative winter break in a warm clime to escape the winter chill- or by embracing Mother Nature’s bounty and going on a ski holiday.

multigen-cooking-class-luxury-family-travel-300x267-300x267Knowing the right Luxury Travel Advisor will find you the right hotel with the rooms you need to care for the younger children and activities to please all. The time spent together strengthens bonds among all and adds to the store of shared precious memories.

Strengthen Bonds Through Togetherness

There are so many options in private luxury family travel that a well-versed and imaginative luxury travel advisor can reveal to you.
multigen-luxury-family-trip-300x225-300x225Based upon each family member’s interests and needs, a perfectly scripted journey – with lots of leisure time to unwind, reconnect, learn more about and from each other – is yours, without the hassle of one person handling all the day-to-day details.

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headshot Theresa Jackson, luxury travel advisor at Enlightened Journeys TravelKeep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in private travel for you!

Enjoy the Inspiration!


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