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Luxury Sailing – Luxury Cruises And Luxury Yacht Charters

Luxury yachts. Boat in sailing regatta.

Luxury sailing and traveling the near and remote corners of the world means unpacking only once and letting someone else take the helm-with your interests in mind, of course!

Luxury Sailing

luxury-sailing-Windstar-cruises-300x225In our custom-tailored luxury travel concept we represent only the top luxury sailing and cruise providers so that you experience each luxury destination with an intimacy only smaller ships and luxury yachts can achieve with a crew-to-guest ratio that caters just to you.

Enjoy Butler Service, Michelin-starred dining, luxurious suites along with all-inclusive pricing as part of our luxury travel services that leaves you free to enjoy everything without the stress and hassle of fending for yourself or creating an itinerary in a piecemeal fashion.


“Luxury sailing and traveling the near and remote corners of the world means unpacking only once and letting someone else take the helm-with your interests in mind, of course! With the  right cruise you can have access to  deeper discoveries of cultural landscapes and support UNESCO World Heritage sites or attend master classes in food, wine, art with experts in their fields.

If it is adventure far beyond the ordinary you seek, luxury expedition ships sail to the far corners of the earth with you as a full participant in the research or sharpening your photography skills with National Geographic professionals.  And when it comes time to fully relax, you can set sail to ply coastal waters in sunny climes, just you and those with whom you chose to travel.”

Travel to both iconic capitals and quiet smaller ports to fully appreciate a region in all its glory. With expert guides, lecturers, special events and concierge service, luxury sailing and cruising provide immense value to the luxury traveler.


Luxury Cruise Expeditions

luxury-yacht-rentals-enlightened-journeys-travel-300x169Are you seeking adventure in remote corners of the world that few others are privileged to visit?

Luxury cruising can also mean expedition sailings with the top scientists, researchers and photographers in the world!

Not only do you have the opportunity to provide support for ongoing studies for major natural world organizations as the National Geographic Society, but you also join in the research, or sharpen your photography skills under the tutelage of experts.

Most of all, our luxury cruising expedition partners are paragons in environmental and cultural sensitivity in the regions they take your adventurers.


Luxury Yacht Charters

A large private motor yacht under way out at sea

Enjoy the ultimate in private luxury travel with sparkling blue waters, star-filled skies at night all to yourself.  Enjoy 5-star service and cuisine on your own luxury yacht with your family or special group.

A private charter gives you the highest form of tailored-made travel where everything is catered to your wishes- the destinations, activities, meal requests and dietary requirements.

Open-air Lounge, Delfin II, Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, Amazon River, Peru

With every detail taken care of, you experience full relaxation and enjoyment in every day and evening. 

Yacht cruising is fun for all ages.

You can explore islands almost anywhere in the world like the laid-back Caribbean, the blue Mediterranean, the exotic Pacific on your choice of motorized or full sail gorgeous vessels.

Imagine setting sail to a dream destination, relaxing in the sun, enjoying numerous water sports at your leisure, swimming in hidden coves, stopping at will to explore points of interest.

Onboard you have exquisite dining, the music and entertainment you request, beautiful cabins to retire to at the end of the day- or in the wee hours of the morning.

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