The NEW Luxury in Women’s Luxury Travel: Adventure and Support of Women Around the World!

A favorite outdoor active adventure writer friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of traveling and hiking with in Jordan, the marvelous Jill Robinson, recently asked an interesting question.

Luxury Women’s Adventure Travel: What to Focus on to Feel Happy, Inspired, and Fulfilled

“Why is women’s travel so frequently marketed to us (women) as though our concerns are so shallow? Furthermore, why is women’s travel seemingly targeted at getting us to spend money in ways that feed on our insecurities? Safety, companionship, and fashion are huge marketing points for women’s travel. Why isn’t it targeted at connecting us with women-run and -owned businesses instead who support our independence, our variety?”  ~Jill Robinson

It is a great question, one to which I would add:

“Why aren’t women connected to culture and adventure through women-run social enterprises that enrich their travels AND support others throughout the world?”


Typical Luxury “Girls” Trips: Cooking, Food, Shopping, Wellness

Typical marketing to “Women’s Travel” and “Girls’ Trips” are most often target a soft set of interests:

easy, breezy comfortable trips of

  • wine,
  • maybe cooking and wine,
  • shopping and
  • some relaxation/massage/ wellness element.

And, don’t get me wrong, they are lovely restorative, or learning, or fun breaks, and I have arranged them many times when I am approached by a women’s group.

But I think, based upon what scores of women are asking me for, that many of us are also in need of being stretched, challenged, rejuvenated and TRANSFORMED by our travels.


Women Want Luxury Women’s Adventure Travel Journeys Where They Can Be Transformed

But I think, based upon what scores of women are asking me for, that many of us are also in need of being stretched, challenged, rejuvenated and TRANSFORMED by our travels.


Adventure over Safety?

It isn’t enough to be shown or led to things because that feels “safe”; many woman desire that feeling of adventure – physical, mental, emotional – that will enrich our lives. God knows, that is what I most seek in my own travels, and I have met and approached by many others, like Jill, who ask:

“Is there something more for me? Can I have an adventure even when traveling solo? And, can I do something in my travels to impact and empower women throughout the world?” ~Jill Robinson

The great news is a big YES. As a solo traveler, you DO indeed have options for a luxury women’s adventure travel journey.



luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson in Jordan, The NEW Luxury in Women’s Luxury Travel: Adventure and Support of Women Around the World!

Women Want to Have it ALL

#1 Custom-Designed

First, of course, is to have a custom-designed adventure itinerary just for you. I had one client, transitioning in her career path from corporate executive to an entrepreneurial endeavor who wanted to first take a sabbatical in feel for an extended journey throughout Chile – no wine exploration involved. She wanted outdoor locations and activities that connected her to things she loved – the sea and her dream destination of Patagonia. I threw in the unexpected suggestion of the desert as well, and she described the whole experience as fulfilling “the higher purpose of the trip” that was “crafted around my needs and goals and unique to me” and that “was filled with not only the activities I wanted but that those activities were true experiences that would build into meaningful memories.

Another client in her 70s is determined to live her life dreams – from working with researchers on safari, to sailing the Greek Islands, to hiking an ancient pilgrim route to Rome. Fulfilling those adventurous longings is such a blessing for me!

#2 Challenge Yourself

Second, if you love to travel with others, make new friends who, like you, want to challenge themselves, here is where it gets interesting.

You can:

  • Gather a small group to go with you, and have the whole trip catered just to you.
  • Your exact specifications can be curated for you, led by women.
  • No matter your fitness level, you can try that new activity.
  • Or, take that physical thing you love to do “on the road” in an astounding new locale.

Did you know: you can work with your travel advisor to TAKE OVER an established travel itinerary you love – and add elements you find lacking? There are great adventure travel companies I work with that can work with me to privatize a trip for your women’s group. Want to go biking in Tuscany and challenge yourself in the Chianti Classico hills? Or hike in the Alps? There are so many options of all sorts of outdoor activities to experience. What greater way of stretching your boundaries?

#3 Find a Women’s Group who is Like YOU

Find a women’s group trip that ticks most of your adventure boxes, and work with your experienced travel advisor to add things missing in pre or post additions. I create travel journeys that you can easily join.

  • What about visiting tiger reserves in India while immersing yourself in culture, or an exploration far off the beaten path in Cambodia?
  • Why not go on safari while supporting conservation and wildlife research?
  • Or a cultural and active adventure in Jordan to learn about Middle Eastern life, beautiful natural preserves, the bucket list-worthy Petra, and ancient and Biblical sites and interaction with the friendliest peoples?

#4 Empowering Other Women

But more than the physical and cultural “deep dive” cultural immersion, your travels can empower women and strengthen communities.

#5 Cultural Immersion

The greatest cultural immersion comes from one-to-one meetings with women who are supporting their families through social enterprise- small micro businesses direct from their culture, or in design or travel support.

Your next adventure could be sprinkled with:

….and so many more options!

When you want that simple relaxation getaway, I am here for you. And when you desire that adventurous dream of a lifetime, well, I got you! The best bonus is that you can ALSO give back bounty in the world to other women!!

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