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Abu Dhabi

Go Here, See This: Vacation in Abu Dhabi – A Welcoming Destination

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Reflections Night, vacation in Abu Dhabi

Thinking about a vacation in Abu Dhabi? As a luxury adventure travel expert and blogger I get to go to some pretty cool places around the world. And I love it – even the hectic pace as I make as many meetings as I can in new vacation destinations, and see contacts I already have relationships with in places I have been (and my clients love).

I am always on the hunt for new luxury and adventure travel experiences and insights. But when I get to come HOME, where is that? All photos on this blog post are provided by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. (more…)

Abu Dhabi

Travel to Abu Dhabi – A Unique Taxi and Cab Service Helping and Empowering Women

female woman taxi and cab driver in Abu Dhabi, travel to Abu Dhabi, empowering women through employment

Are you thinking about to travel to Abu Dhabi? On my most recent trip to Abu Dhabi, I was staying for a few weeks and didn’t need a car full time. I decided to do like so many people do – tourists and residents alike – and use cabs as my major form of transportation (when I wasn’t car-sharing with friends).

Many people travel to Abu Dhabi for short and long term stays for leisure, business or for medical treatments in their world-renowned hospitals. Often car rental is not necessary or wanted, and cabs are commonly used for visiting attractions or for a night out. Cab fare is extremely reasonable, so it is a great alternative to navigating the busy roads on your own and paying for parking.


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