Your Super Power in Travel: How to Have Top Luxury Travel Experiences

I recently went to Tuscany, a region I have been many times.  I love Italy, and traveling all around the country, but I go to Tuscany often to visit friends and attend conferences. However, this time, I decided to hike in lesser traveled places and in doing so I saw places I never heard of, and saw better-known places in a new way. And best of all, in my very busy life and upcoming conference meeting schedule, I felt I could be alone with my thoughts and just quietly revel in each moment.

I found this enhanced not only the experiences I encountered, but the time for reflection on each created a deep sense of connection – and rejuvenation.

This is what I am passionate about creating for my clients – a trip that is specific to their dreams, while addressing their needs. In a world where we need time for ourselves, building in quiet time, being in more remote places, or visiting popular sites when tourist hordes aren’t there create the tranquility for reflection, growth and rejuvenation.

At Enlightened Journeys Travel, we take care of you and those with whom you travel by caring for the big and quiet moments.

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How to Gain Top Luxury Travel Experiences: Look for an Advisor Who Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

Not just reads in a travel magazine about the trips and destinations.

It got me to thinking about the times in our lives we seek out an expert opinion.

I have benefitted from sage advice from realtors, financial planners, medical and dental professionals, personal shoppers. I consider each of them my SUPER POWER in fields where I don’t know everything – where I don’t even know what I don’t know!

It is the exact same thing with travel.

  • The Internet and guidebooks are great for research.
  • They are sources of inspiration and aspiration.
  • They show us the overall big picture.
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luxury traveler on her life-changing vacation, explore one-of-a-kind luxury travel experiences with luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson

Must-Sees and Must-Dos

But for real travel advice on the “Must-Sees” and “Must-Dos” that are catered specifically to your travel needs, you need a SUPER POWER.


You need to know:

  • What there is in that travel destination that would light your soul on fire.
  • What will best connect you to the place and its people.
  • You need to know the path that will get you to the MOST cultural immersion/ adventurous exploration/ rejuvenating/ (fill in your own blank) vacation you are seeking in your precious time to travel.
  • What else there is besides what is fed to millions of others through the Internet and in guidebooks.

Your SUPER POWER is Your Expert Travel Advisor.

luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on her Jordan travel, hiking into the sunset
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But here’s the real SUPER POWER of Having a Travel Advisor in Your Corner to Get Real Luxury Travel Experiences:

  1. You have an ADVOCATE who fights to get what you want, the way you want it.
  2. You have a TRAVEL EXPERT with a wealth of personally gathered knowledge and experience in where or how you want to travel.
  3. You have a DREAM FIDUCIARY to get you what you desire for the best value.
  4. You have a HERO who has your back to enhance and protect your seamless travel 24/7 throughout your trip.
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I would love to be your SUPER POWER when you need one in your travels to explore top luxury travel experiences.

Together, we can create your own journey and turn your dreams into epic adventures!


“Helping clients to move ethically in the world to preserve it for future generations” ~Theresa Jackson, Ambassador for Change

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on one of her adventures journeys

At Enlightened Journeys Travel, we design handcrafted travel itineraries for your immersive journeys of a lifetime.

Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in exclusive travel for you!