Peruvian Jungle Dream Adventure | Tailor Made Travel Itinerary Sample

Georgia’s dream was to see and explore the Peruvian jungle on her own. Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson created for her a custom travel itinerary that brought her to the heart of the tropical wilderness. Please read below about the adventures they experienced there.

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The Custom Travel Itinerary We Created For Georgia’s Adventure in the Peruvian Jungle

The Traveler:

Georgia is a retired widow. She is an active woman in her 70s, who loves to walk her dog, volunteer in her community, and travel 2 times per year. In the past, I have worked with her as her personal luxury travel advisor on custom travel itineraries with friends both abroad to Europe and in the United States. But this time, seeking an adventure vacation, she wanted something more, and couldn’t find someone to go with her to do what she wanted without having to compromise her journey. And that is when she reached out to me.

Georgia’s Journey Dream:

Georgia loves nature.

As a child and young adult, she was inspired by the nature in National Geographic magazines and shows. Her dream has always been to explore in the jungle, even before she goes on an African safari (most people want the safari experience before any other, but not Georgia!)

She realizes that a “safari” can happen anywhere; it is about the wildlife explored. And she dreamed her first safari would be in a jungle rather than on an African plain or savanna.

Georgia’s Travel Problems:

  • Due to her volunteer schedule, Georgia had 10 days to explore. She didn’t want to spend precious time on a long plane ride nor recovering from it. A tropic jungle was tops on her bucket list.
  • Georgia would have liked to have a friend come along, but anyone who would consider it had other things on their bucket list they would like to include. This represented a compromise on her dream to Georgia.
  • And she wanted to be safe and not have the hassle of negotiating airports and getting to hotels or remote areas on her own.
  • It was important to her to be supported enough in her trip that she could have ease of transitioning to fully immerse in the experience of discovery, and feel like the nature explorer she thinks she could have been in another life.
Peruvian Jungle Dream Adventure | Tailor Made Travel Itinerary Sample

Georgia’s Tailor-Made Jungle Adventure and Nature Travel Itinerary:

We decided that Georgia’s jungle adventure and her wish list could be best achieved in Peru and 2 locations for contrast.

Her journey plan involved seamless transitions to remote locales to stay in really cool places and have expert guides so that she could realize her lifelong dream.


Arrival in Lima

Upon her evening arrival in Lima, she was met by her host and transferred to her cozy Lima hotel, a converted family mansion in an upscale neighborhood.

  • In her 2 night stay here she explored the foodie culture of Lima and the city’s Bohemian art neighborhood with a carefully selected local guide who acted as her “friend in the city” of whom she could ask any questions.


Staying in a Luxurious Tree House

Then, it was time for her long dreamed of journey!

Georgia was transferred from her Lima hotel to the airport, where she caught her first flight to the Peruvian Amazon River Basin, filled with tributaries of the great river.

  • She was met by her accommodation’s staff member assigned to transport her – first by car to the port, then by boat to her accommodations – a treehouse.
  • She spent 4 days exploring the jungle by longboats on the river on morning and evening excursions.
  • She visited a local community. In its woman-run activity of traditional handicrafts making and cooking demonstration with lunch, she supported the community’s local children and school through the funds raised by her visit.


Exploring the Peruvian Andes Mountain Jungle

Her next stop was the Peruvian Andes Mountain jungle, a high-elevation source for the Amazon Basin.

  • Her flights needed to be coordinated again through Lima, carefully orchestrated so that she didn’t lose any discovery time in the place she was leaving AND the place she was going to.


Getting Spoiled at a Luxury Ecolodge

Her last place to stay for 3 nights for 4 full days of exploration was at an award-winning luxury ecolodge with

  • exquisite nature excursions,
  • beautiful accommodations,
  • a high canopy walk among so that she felt she was among the birds and monkeys, and more time on rivers in small boats that allowed for marine and land animal viewing.
  • Her hikes here into the jungle were among her favorite things to do; she felt like an early explorer, botanist and conservationist.
  • She was pampered at the end of each day in the outdoor spa and hot tub, enjoy wine (and her new favorite beverage, the Pisco Sour) and eat fine cuisine.


Her Experience:

In Georgia’s own words,

“Theresa, my most grateful thanks for the extraordinary trip you helped me plan to Peru. It was a dream fulfilled. I was overwhelmed by the personal attention I received at every point that made me feel like a VIP. I am eager to plan my next adventure soon.”


I helped solve Georgia’s travel problems and needs by:

  • Arranging for her to be met upon arrival at the airports for transportation to her accommodations, and for transfers back to the airports after her stays ended.
  • Picking a location that would satisfy her need for a shorter flight to her destination, and a place where there would be little, if any, time change so that she would not lose time or energy in jet lag.
  • Curating her trip so that each of her bucket list items where checked off: jungle animals, birds, flora, local culture and food, rivers and mountains.
  • Providing for an in-country host to coordinate all her movements seamlessly while providing any support or “fixes” she would need. They were as close as a phone call away and met with her in person upon her arrival.
  • Added in special personalization and un-Googleable WOW moments and experiences she didn’t even know she could have!



When traveling solo as a woman, it is important that you have a trip on which there is no compromise on your dream! You should have the freedom to explore as well as the time to reflect on your experiences.

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Every client is different. Some clients enjoy history and culture, others nature and experiential discoveries. A custom travel itinerary gives you the opportunity to create your own dream journey and the experiences that come with it. Let experienced Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson and her team help you to create your own dream journey today!

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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