Post-COVID Travel: DIY- It just isn’t D-O-N-E

Hellooooo (hello, hello, hello). Calling out into the world currently can feel like yelling into an echoing canyon. You wonder, is there anyone out there? COVID-19 sure did put a stop to travel, didn’t it? 

You may have been one of the people who had to cancel their plans for this year, or postpone them into 2021. You may have been one of the ones stranded abroad or had to break off travels early to come back home. If you were, you know how much time-consuming work that was to do, often with confusing answers.


Voucher for future travel? Cancellation refund?

The world was literally working out its terms in front of your eyes! Travelers also made a new discovery – or it was reinforced to those already in-the-know: in times of difficulty, there is no greater asset than an expert in your corner – in this case, the Travel Advisor. When everything was literally falling apart – your travel plans, your bookings, your flights – it was the Travel Advisor who took care of everything for their clients.

After all, we have made it our life’s work to be advocates and support systems, in good times and bad.

So now we are slowly and cautiously entering a post-COVID world. Travel is resuming. Travelers are definitely reaching out to their Travel Advisors to start planning and securing arrangements, and there is beginning a sharp uptick in July and August 2020 vacations I am seeing with my clients. There is something these travelers know that the DIY-er should consider now: protection in your planning for your health and your investment. That is what an experienced Travel Advisor, such as myself, provides.


What ELSE have we been doing since March besides a boatload of travel plan rearrangements, cancelations and being saviors to those needing to get home and not stuck abroad as borders closed?

In my case, I have been conferring with the top travel experts in the industry and staying ahead of the curve of what was going to be viable for summer and fall 2020 travel for my clients and all who are itching to get out and GO. Nothing stopped for me in the part of my travel consultancy practice that stays in expertise-mode. I started a new Facebook group for those forward-thinking travelers for those forward-thinking travelers who want live destination education with local experts (thank you Zoom and Instagram LIVE), who wanted the opportunity to plan for bucket list travel without specific dates, yet, who wanted the latest information on what was doable for travel in the near future. I worked and am working with my partners in those travel destinations that are opening to US citizens abroad, and am developing exquisite USA travel and vacation options.

A travel tip for RIGHT NOW: you should plan that bucket list USA trip; this summer may be the best time EVER to take it.


How Can You Be Certain of Summer Travel Plans and Your Health-Safety TODAY?

Post COVID, how do you know you can be safe – in health, in the places you visit, particularly remote ones? How can you know (without hours and hours of ever-changing information) where you can go, what is open, what services (food, bathrooms, touring) are closed? The answer is what many already know: trust a travel expert. I know because I make it my job to know.

The best part? I make it so easy for you:

  • Which travel accommodations are open that provide proper social distancing and top disinfecting where you and your family lay your heads at night?
  • What RV services provide the same and which ones come with drivers if you want the experience without the hassle of driving a big vehicle (or emptying the “loo”)?
  • What about a glamping experience?
  • Which vetted and health-safety conscious private guides and activities are available so you are secure in your choices?
  • What travel itineraries and desired sights and activities you can have within your time allotted to vacation?

There are so many intricacies, all tied to some measure of uncertainty as states open cautiously with an eye on closing again should COVID numbers rise again. And this affects the safety of your investment. Luckily, I have that handled as well with generous cancelation terms to give you more assurance that you CAN plan now to travel later.

In the post COVID world and really for all future travel, there is no substitute for the return on your dream you want than a travel expert. DIY travel planning leaves you alone in the wilderness of unchartered territory with only a hope and a prayer things will work out well. Without someone with the relationships to protect you from planning through your return home, you are vulnerable, just like those who were without an advocate way back when coronavirus shut down the world.


DIY? It just isn’t D-O-N-E.

Get in touch now for best availability on exquisite USA travel, plus get a jumpstart in knowing where you can go in Europe!

Enlightened Journeys Travel will not work with hotels, restaurants, guides or drivers who do not share our values of safety, cleanliness, and healthy practices. We inspect and vet regularly for levels of quality and now we add the extra level of ensuring that our services maintain these new standards in COVID times. As such, we look to add the best VALUE to your travels, because cheapest price is never an option to deliver what we do: provide LIFE-CHANGING journeys. At EJT we never recommend a place or service nor partner with anyone on your behalf that we don’t know personally, and always partner with those who have the ability to open hidden doors for you.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2020 and 2021, I’d love to help!

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