Solo Travel for Women: 4 Top Reasons and Tips for Women Who Want to Travel – Go Now and Go it Alone

I am a female travel advisor and travel a lot. Creating custom solo travel for women itineraries is one of my specialities. Because I gain first hand experiences on how it is to travel solo as a woman. Traveling every 4 – 6 weeks also makes for fun conversations with strangers. Many go like this: “Oh, I have always wanted to go to x, but I have no one to go with.” To me, the saddest thing is to be limited by a story in your head. Why would you need someone else with you to fully experience your life by realizing a dream? If you can go now, why don’t you?

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Women are the ones from whom ones I hear this most.

In my work, with our tribe, or even in a relationship we just can’t imagine hopping off into the world —- alone.

Sure, some things are wonderful to do with others: a romantic weekend in Paris, for example, a fashion girlfriend trip in Milan, or a Girls’ Trip to a country’s wine region.

But if you are looking for truly life-changing travel – the kind that transports your soul and transforms you and your perspective, ignites creativity, fosters strength and boldness, hits a reset button for you – I encourage you to travel solo. Try out a single women travel offer. Travel far. Travel to an exotic location. Travel for an adventure.

Here’s why: FREEDOM

The Top 4 Solo Travel for Women Reasons that Will Change Your Life Being Outside Your Comfort Zone

#1  The Freedom to Slow Down

Pay attention and soak up things through senses without the distraction of conversation, other’s needs, a schedule to meet for others.

You can have the freedom linger longer. You can explore your interests and have the time for more in depth looks and serendipitous conversations in places that inspire you.

Who knows?

These may be the seeds of some new creative endeavor or an idea of a whole new way of life!

On my trips around the world looking for secret and un-Googleable experiences for my clients who are interested in solo travel for women opportunities, I always build in time just for me for this exact reason.

Small Among the Giant Snow-Topped Mountains

On a recent trip in the Mendoza region in Argentina while staying on a ranch in the Andes, I took a ride along a trail that wound through scrub and over streams. I experienced the feeling of being small among the giant snow-topped mountains so far from home and normal existence. I had the space to think about my life, its direction, where I wanted it to go.

I love these moments, because they give me the perspective I need to be self-determining and purposeful.

A Personal Journey that Quiets Your Busy Work World and Opens You Up to Take New Challenges

Jenny, a client, wanted to take an extended break after a career for a company in the creative world before starting her own entrepreneurial venture. Together, we created a personal journey that allowed her to quiet the busy work world she left in NYC, wash her being of that life, then be in a state of mind and body to be open to new creative inspiration and the mindset to take on her new challenge.

I created this all for her on an exploration to 3 separate regions in Chile – one for silence in expanse, one for water and marine life, one for wide open spaces, one for physical challenge among natural wonders.

#2  The Freedom to Learn to Embrace Being Alone, even Some Loneliness

Being alone is a fact of life. It is not always a negative thing.

Rather than being afraid of being by ourselves, you can, through traveling solo, learn to love the space it opens up to think (for once) just of yourself. Be selfish in your needs and thoughts.

You are exercising your right to eat alone, explore alone, be your independent self.

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#3  The Freedom to Expect to Make Friends

You never know when you will be in the place to strike up a conversation with a local – with a guide who is taking you to see her world, in a cooking class, in a café.

Many of my favorite travel “souvenirs” are new friendships that tie me to a travel destination. Some enduring relationships bring me back again for visits. I often check in with friends met in Italy, Argentina, Peru, Croatia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and New Zealand through Facebook, Facetime and WhatsApp.

Traveling solo as a woman gives you the opportunity to meet others with whom you connect because you have a similar “vibe”.

Even if you don’t capture a forever friendship, the more opportunity you have to observe another’s way of life, the more you will (re)discover that we are, in the end, more similar than different, no matter the place or culture.

#4  The Freedom to Be Brave

Travel makes discoverers of all of us. Traveling solo lets us explore our own lives, our purpose in the world, our fears and challenges.

It gives us the bravery to stand up to LIFE and say, “This is me. This is what I can do!” Imagine how this can affect the rest of your life.

Whether you are overcoming a life-changing event, choosing to start a new venture, or having an adventure to shake things up, traveling solo gives you strength and bravery to deal with almost anything that comes your way, because you prove to yourself, again and again, that you have all your abilities within you.

woman traveling alone through India, Solo Travel for Women: 4 Top Reasons and Tips for Women Who Want to Travel - Go Now and Go it Alone

Solo Travel for Women How Can You Easily and With Confidence Travel Solo as a Woman?


#1  Have a plan, but leave room with nothing in it.

An overall well laid out itinerary is terrific, but leave room in your days for the empty space of nothing specific to do. You have plenty of scheduling in your life; this is your opportunity to become being comfortable with being uncomfortable.


#2  If you’ve never done this before, give yourself some practice.

Like exercising a new muscle, some stretching beforehand enhances the activity and helps to avoid injury.

Sure, you may be bruised, but you learn most importantly that you can survive it!

Travel is like that – not always pretty, but always rewarding when you overcome a challenge or learn something new about yourself. 

So try place a little more familiar, closer to home. It can be as simple as a new city or a short time in a place with spectacular nature, like our own country’s National Parks.


#3  Work with a Travel Advisor who knows what it is like to travel solo.

Your goal should be to avoid the things that distract you in your daily life.

One of those things is being your own “head cat-herder”.

Gift yourself with the freedom to “just be”, have all the logistics and minute details handled well on your behalf, not have the worry of “what’s next?”.

When you are thinking about taking solo travel for women trips, having an advocate of your dream in your corner is a built-in support system before and during your travels so you can just be fully present in each moment of your journey.


Solo Travel for Women Opportunities: Are You Ready to Explore the World SOLO?

Every client is different. One of my specialities is creating tailor made solo travel for women travel itineraries. Some women enjoy history and culture, other women nature and experiential discoveries.

A custom made itinerary gives you the opportunity to create your own dream journey and the experiences that come with it. Let experienced Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson and her team help you to create your own dream journey today!

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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