South America

Patagonia Dreaming: Why Planning an Outdoor Adventure of a Lifetime is the Best Post- Pandemic Option

Note from Theresa: Of course, I miss traveling! But now is not the time for unnecessary trips. Health officials are urging social distancing and keeping close to home as the best options to a return to normalcy quicker, so travel is out. I am still talking about... read more

9 Movies That Will Transport You to Latin America – While You Stay At Home

Theresa’s Note: We are still asked to stay at or close to home. We had a bit of relief this past weekend with lovely weather and the opening of some state parks. Those were too crowded for my taste; I prefer my hikes and walks on the quiet side. I spent my time on... read more

Best Family Vacations in South America for Your Top Winter or Spring Break Vacation

Our neighbor to the South (America) celebrates summer and fall during our winter and spring, so it is the perfect time for a truly memorable family vacation filled with wildlife, stunning landscapes, and adventure. Find my best family vacations in South America... read more

Planning a Multi Family Vacation: A Guide to Traveling with Children and Grandchildren with Ease

Families don’t just get together at the holidays anymore. These days a multi family vacation is a popular way for grandparents too who want to spend more time with their grandchildren – and leave a lasting legacy as well. Traveling with three generations is... read more

Hiking in Search of the Pachamama, Andes, in Argentina – Part 1.f.2

In a previous blog post, I introduced you to the Pachamama, the Andean culture’s Mother Earth, who is celebrated from Peru, through Bolivia and into northern Argentina. A Hiking Adventure with the Pachamama In the town of Tilcara, in the valley called Quebrada de... read more

Cultural, Natural and Ultimately Transformative Argentina Travel Tips: A Life-Changing Day in Salta, Argentina (Part 1.a.2.)

Perhaps you already read Theresa’s blog post about her day arriving in Salta, Argentina, and what she could experience in the city itself. This is the second part of her Salta exploration, traveling to Cafayate, sharing Argentina travel tips, and things that... read more

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