Thoughts of a World Traveler – Life is Change and Travel is Fun!

I am sitting here at the JFK airport in preparation for two back-to-back trips. It is going to be a killer schedule for the next 3 weeks. But that is the life of a travel designer.


The Week Every Travel Designer Loves: Virtuoso Travel Week for Travel Professionals in Las Vegas

First, I am traveling to Las Vegas for my favorite event of the year – Virtuoso Travel Week, where thousands of high end buyers and luxury travel advisors like myself meet with suppliers of travel experiences to strengthen relationships.

I love the deep dive into the latest and greatest, the most culturally immersive, the best adventures, the best accommodations. Every time I go I come away with a Masters degree in luxury, custom travel!!

 group journey: Bicycling Vacations in Switzerland: Ebiking from Alpine Valleys to Snow-Capped Peaks.

Test-Drive Adventures in Switzerland

After that hectic week I will have a quick turn around to test-drive adventures in Switzerland that are accessible to all ages and most levels of fitness with families in mind as well as anyone with a sense of adventure and the finer elements of travel. Check out my group journey: Bicycling Vacations in Switzerland: Ebiking from Alpine Valleys to Snow-Capped Peaks.

Naturally I will be doing a fair amount of accommodation previewing as well.

And this isn’t the first time this kind of travel has taken me around the world this year.

That is the nature of what I do.

Sure, I get to see the world and do many really cool things. But much of that is with a client type in mind, and to highlight and expand my expertise in what I think is great about travel, and the good it can do for the traveler and the earth.


Good Traveling: Far More than Been There, Done That

Tonight as I sit in the lounge awaiting boarding, I am particularly reflective on the good travel can provide the traveler. Travel is about far more than “been there, done that”.


Transformational Growth

It is an opportunity for personal growth, rejuvenation, resetting your compass.

More and more, people come to me with far more than a dream destination in mind. Their desires reach beyond what can be seen; they want to feel and connect not only with the place and its people, but in doing so, themselves.


Finding New Purpose in Life

As a luxury travel advisor in Metro New York, I meet many high-end professionals and CEOs well into their careers, now looking for focus or a new purpose in life.

They are overworked, or out of balance between work and life.

In some cases, they believe that their company cannot exist if they were to be away for more than just a mini vacation.

Their travel time comes with a sense of purpose – it must mean something to them, offer them an adjustment of some sort.


Transformational Travel

Today, we call this Transformational Travel – travel that, in some way, changes you in perspective shift, awakens a passion, broadens a horizon.

This kind of luxury travel takes time, yes, and must be specifically curated to the individual.

My travel knowledge and expertise as an experienced travel company comes in to play as I learn about the individual, what motivates him or her, what their desires – spoken and unspoken – may be, their interests and latent passions left aside while pursuing expertise in a career field.

Often, this kind of exploration is shared with a loved one, a friend, or with family members; sometimes, though, the individual is seeking more or a mini sabbatical.

In each case, I work as a lifestyle coach to design the construct by which a traveler may reach their objective – what stands behind the travel desire.


What is the meaning of travel today?

It is something different for everyone, but true travel takes you outside yourself and your daily existence to shine a light on how much more there is to life by being out in the world.

Each time we travel, with transformational travel, we're moved to a new place internally as well. Click To Tweet


We gain more connections to the world – the great majesties and wonders, the people and communities, human triumphs and yes, hardships as well.

Each of these touch points create shifts in us – who we think we are, who we want to become, a new way of thinking or discovering a new solution to a problem.


Creativity is reignited.

Perhaps we overcome a physical or emotional challenge just because we tried something new or ventured outside our comfort zone.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on one of her adventures journeys

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Keep exploring – Life’s an adventure!

I look forward to opening hidden doors in exclusive travel for you!