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It is no secret the travel has drastically changed in 2020. Our options were cut down to none but are now opening again. Although the world is not open in large part to Americans, there are places we can go. I am happy to help you have great safe travel if you are comfortable to do so now – in safety and with your own travel “pod” of others you know are COVID-free.


Five Top Travel Trends for Fall/Winter 2020


Remote, off the grid, beyond, outside- all of the above. Right now, cities and crowds might not be the most appealing of your options. Open spaces offer freedom, breathing room, and a feeling of being away from crowds. The world is full of them, and they’re ready to accommodate.


If you had to put a celebration on pause – whether it was a wedding, birthday, honeymoon, reunion, Girls or Guys Trip, 2021 will bring with it the biggest excuse for an even larger celebration. Now is the time to plan for 2021 1nd 2022 for the trips you deserve.


For a while now, everyone’s felt a level of helplessness and/or lack of control with the global situation and there is more need than ever as countries try to build back from the crisis. Travelers are looking to integrating elements into journeys that allow them to contribute or give back, to volunteer and to leave a footprint. It is a return on the investment on one’s soul as you travel and helps the world raise up collectively.


People are more inclined to travel with their “safety squad” – those they can feel secure with i.e. family, friends, those they know have been tested or isolated or have been managing their personal safety protocols as best as possible. This includes family reunions that have been delayed with members who live far apart from one another, and small groups mean exclusive vehicles, private tours, and even perhaps buyouts of small hotels.


We are seeing a significant rise in chartered options- boats, trains, private jets, and buyouts of small properties including lodges, villas, guest houses and the like. While hotels around the world are implementing the highest safety and hygiene procedures, there are some that still will feel safer knowing they “own” their whole space for a brief period of time.


With work being remote, schedules become open, flexible and no longer tied to office based activities. Rising trend in people looking to relocate for extended stays in destinations. People who work from home with or without kids schooling from home have the unique opportunity to travel longer. For them, it offers greater immersion in a destination. If bringing kids, this extends their learning beyond the classroom of new cultures, time outdoors and other discoveries. It is a rare opportunity for Americans, who tend to take shorter vacations,


Wellness, health, safety, security – people are more focused than ever on their wellbeing and conscious of staying healthy. High interest exists in spa retreats and locations that embrace outdoor activities and healthy living.


People have been restricted for too long – they want to travel, they desire to move, to create, to explore and to discover. People now more than ever will not want to wait until they get older to do all the things they’ve always wanted to do. Life is truly too short. People are planning out their travel bucket lists over the next 2-5 years.


Families are no longer tied to school schedules with the rise in hybrid or 100% virtual school schedules. They have missed out on moving around and now that restraints on timing are relatively gone in the short term, families are now more flexible to travel during the school year which opens a whole new stream of possibilities especially when considering integrating a community connection element. Parents can educate children on other ways of living, other cultures, nature, environmental and wildlife challenges and solutions, art and a 100 other things in longer travel sojourns.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2020 and 2021, I’d love to help!

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