Planning How to Travel Abroad With Family Is the Hardest Thing to Do But Can Be the Easiest

Do you dream to travel abroad with your family? There are some things learned only when we leave our homes. The world has a lot to teach us.

Travel Abroad with Family: What Will Your Family Remember Best About Your Vacation?

Will it be …

  • the things they saw?
  • the smells unique to a destination?
  • the stories they heard from a local?
  • the taste of the new foods they tried?
  • which adventures will stay etched in their minds and hearts?
  • what learning will enhance their future studies?
  • will they tell their friends about a new discovery?
  • will they be marked and forever changed by the destination or journey?

For you, will you remember how time seemed to stand still, that you were able to completely enjoy the time with your family, that you felt free just to be a part of the journey along with them?

Having great travel memories that last a lifetime with your family, as you know, requires planning. A lot of it. And precise execution.

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The where to stay, how to get around, what to see and do, how to avoid meltdowns, maintain an itinerary….. it boggles the mind. Any slip up can cause a crash for that day. What if child A hates what you are doing that day that child B loves? What if you miss a timed tour or transportation connection? How do YOU have a fun time if you have to play head cat-herder in the whole vacation????

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It doesn’t have to be that hard – there is another way to plan traveling abroad with your family!

  • You can oversee it all (like you do every day), or you can let an expert handle all the details, arrange seamless and safe movement from place to place, build in time to play, create extraordinary WOW moments, incorporate unique activities to engage all ages together.
  • You and your children, together, can relax, play, learn, marvel, discover, have intimate moments.


Your friend to help you create the perfect trip for your family – one that fulfills your dreams of creating lasting memories, expanding your kids’ boundaries and gifting them with showing them the world – is a travel expert. One like me, who works with families.

A family travel expert gets to know all members of your family and creates travel itineraries that will engage everyone. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that the hotels suit you, that you are doing things far greater than a Google search can find, that your journey is unique to you.

When it comes to precious family time, being with your kids in happy moments are treasures that foster stronger bonds. You can fulfill those moments through great travel. Just ask an expert.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2019, I’d love to help!

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