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Cultural, Natural and Ultimately Transformative Argentina Travel Tips: A Life-Changing Day in Salta, Argentina (Part 1.a.2.)

Perhaps you already read Theresa’s blog post about her day arriving in Salta, Argentina, and what she could experience in the city itself. This is the second part of her Salta exploration, traveling to Cafayate, sharing Argentina travel tips, and things that... read more

How to Be More Creative: Can Travel Contribute to Your Creativity?

Are you asking yourself how to be more creative? I work in a creative field. I think most people must be creative in some way in their work life. None of us can afford to sit behind a desk or our computer – whatever and wherever – and expect business to... read more

Sustainable Tourism: How Luxury Travel Can Make the World a Better Place – Travel for Good

What is sustainable tourism? Sustainable travel is about traveling and connecting with local people and local cultures, minimizing our impact on the environment, and growing local economies. It is about growing peace through understanding. The UN had declared 2017... read more

The Busy Executive’s Guide to Fulfilling Travel

I love successful people! They are inspirations in business.  Many are inspirational in life as well. The Richard Bransons, Bill Gates and those who are my clients not only create great wealth and value, they greatly contribute to the world. Sometimes, though, while... read more

Medellin, Colombia, Dangerous to Innovation – How the Country has Changed (And Why You Should Go There)

I recently traveled to Medellin in Colombia for the first time. Like many Americans, my perceptions were built on modern history of my lifetime, and fueled by the recent series Narcos to remind me of that history. It is not fiction that Colombia was a dangerous... read more

7 Ways to Never Wait on Line at Tourist Attractions

More people are traveling which means more crowding at the popular tourist must-sees. But are long lines in the heat/cold/rain/ with bored teens or cranky kids your vacation ideal? Probably not – vacations are supposed to be fun, interesting, exciting. There are... read more

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