7 Best Travel Friendly Workout and Running Shoes for Fitness and Touring

We all dream of packing light – it makes out travels easier, less burdensome, and makes us look SO put-together and worldly. But, can packing light be done, (a carry on for 9 days- really??) especially when you don’t wish to vacation from your workouts or want to go hiking in the places your visit? The answer is a resounding YES – especially with a little pre-planning. I have provided packing tips and lists for traveling with ease, and here give my recommendations for travel friendly workout and running shoes. The perfect active footwear for your runs and hikes, plus some with just sporty style for conquering the concrete jungles. Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

The first rule of thumb is pack-ability. The uppers need to be soft to condense satisfactorily to create room in your bag. The second component is being lightweight without compromising the support you require. A third factor for you, depending on the workoutsadventure or transformational travel activities you are planning, is waterproof (or resistant). So Gore-Tex may need to be included.


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Here are some travel friendly workout and running shoes recommendations to get you out and active while on vacation.

Altrac’s Escalante

Altrac’s Escalante is a feather-weight 6.5 ounces running shoe, perfect for traveling! It has a natural foot-shaped toe box (so it allows your toes to splay as it you are barefoot) and soft knit upper to accommodate your feet in long runs or sightseeing explorations.

Huka One One Hupana Running Shoe

Named for the Maori word for “spring back,” the Huka One One Hupana running shoe uses midsole and outer sole technology to provide supreme cushioning. Though bulky-looking, they are indeed lightweight. The Hupana for women and men will be your new favorite shoe for all activities, from running to the gym to running errands around town or on your travels.

Adidas’s Terrex Agravix Speed

The Adidas Terrex Agravix Speed is described as a trail runner, and with its lightweight packability and gripping tread and nice cushioning it doubles as a hiker as well when something less than your full on boots will suffice. It comes in a variety of cute colors, too.

Nike’s Flex Experience RN 6

Nike offers many lightweight running and workout shoes; it is a matter of fit and midsole flexibility you require. An all-around good looker is the Flex Experience RN 6.

New Balance 1500 v3

The ultralight New Balance 1500 v3 is compressible because of the soft upper portion, but with a more responsive cushion in the foot bed. Its treads grip well during runs on gravel and on rain-soaked streets, and the wide heel and roomier forefoot offer excellent stability.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX

For hiking without the bulky weight, the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX provides hiking shoes for your trailblazing. They come in women and men versions. Features include a sturdy outsole and a waterproof GORE-TEX lining.

For Walkers

If you are a walker and don’t want to wear running shoes for your touring around the cities and towns, there are fashionable options for you. The Paul Sperry collection are just dressy enough to wear on the plane, as are the no-tie lace ups and easy slip on Sperry Topsiders and sneakers. Teva makes great canvas shoes in women and men’s versions.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning, I’d love to help!

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