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I got an excellent question yesterday from Marcela Davila, who questioned the health safety of flights in this day and age. Replied to her comment on a post i made about the airlines changing the standards and procedures both in the air as you fly and on the ground in cleaning and boarding procedures.


Travel Safety During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Airline Standards and Procedures in the Air and on the Ground

How do I know the airline standards and procedures both in the air as you fly and on the ground? Well I make sure as a seasoned travel advisor that I am a part of weekly meetings with as many major airlines as I can, and I also receive notices.

Example: Delta Airline Procedures

Here is one from Delta today so you get an understanding of what airlines are doing to help you have confidence in flying with them again: “‘Delta Clean’ Delivers New Standard of Airline Cleanliness, Now and Always”. Delta is transforming expectations for cleanliness across airports and on aircraft to deliver a new standard of clean for customers: Delta Clean. Now the global airline is committing to these elevated cleaning measures for the long term.

“The highest levels of clean should not be reserved for times of crisis – customers deserve to feel confident and safe whenever they decide to travel,” said Bill Lentsch, Delta’s Chief Customer Experience Officer. “That’s why we are extending our overall safety focus to include our new standard of clean.”

See here what American Airlines is doing.

And here is what United Airlines has instituted for its flights.

Here are some of the cleaning measures our teams will use so customers can feel confident when traveling with Delta:

From April 1, 2020:

  • All domestic aircraft will undergo the same interior fogging overnight that Delta has been using to disinfect international aircraft in the U.S. since February.
  • Before every flight, aircraft will be cleaned using the same extensive checklist used during overnight cleanings. This industry-leading work disinfects high-touch areas customers care most about being clean, like tray tables, seat-back entertainment screens, arm rests and seat-back pockets.
  • Spot checks will take place before each flight by a Customer Service Agent and a Flight Leader to ensure the aircraft is up to the Delta Clean standard. The team can resolve any issues immediately, and are empowered to request a cleaning crew return to the aircraft for additional cleaning.

When you travel again ask your airline of choice (or your travel advisor, ahem) what they are doing in cleaning and disinfecting planes, and what their policies will be while onboard.

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