Traveling to Argentina: Adventure and Sustainable Travel – Where in the World is Theresa now?

Parque Nacional Los Cardones, Salta, Argentina, traveling to Argentina, luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson

The time has come. I am traveling to ARGENTINA! This is my first “boots on the ground” trips to there. And boots on the ground it will be, for a large portion of the trip. While Argentina holds many urban wonders, it is to the countryside I am headed. Argentina bursts with gorgeous natural wonders, and this time I am headed to the northwest of the country, to explore the mountainous area around Salta. Founded in 1582, Salta is a provincial capital known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage. Parque Nacional Los Cardones, Salta, Argentina. Photo by Nicolas Prieto on Unsplash

Traveling to Argentina for Adventure and Sustainability

I have been in the Andes before elsewhere on the continent and this time will spend my adventure trip hiking it’s slopes and valleys with a guide and a llama to carry my gear, just as people have been traversing the areas for hundreds of years.

  • I will visit a farming family and stay with them in their remote village as part of my sustainable travel journey.
  • I am going to visit an estancia and trek by horseback.
  • I will visit the amazing salt flats. I will visit a Cafayate valley winery and have a cooking class.
  • I am going to need those boots!

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Salta, Founded 1582, Colonial Architecture, Andean Heritage, Endless Museums – What do you need more?

Salta is a beautiful city!

Founded in 1582, Salta is a provincial capital known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage. It has many museums which I hope I have some time to visit.

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Traveling to Argentina: Attending the Adventure Travel World Summit

But it is unlikely that I have time to explore Salta, because after my adventures I am attending the Adventure Travel World Summit.

  • My “job” will kick into high gear for 4 days of meetings with experience providers, hoteliers, media members and with seminars.
  • The Summit is a gathering of the best in the adventure – and sustainable- tourism world.
  • It is one of my marketplaces to discern the best partners for me to work with on behalf of my active clients.
  • It is a gathering of people who believe, as I do, that travel can make the world a better place if managed in a responsible way.

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Last but not Least: Stopping in Buenos Aires

I am excited to be ending my trip in Buenos Aires and explore this cultural hub, it’s museums, ateliers, neighborhoods. I will see forms of dance, including tango.

My bags are packed and my boots are waiting!


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