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Sibenik, part of our traveling to Croatia mini blog post series, photographer Sergii Gulenok, Unsplash

Is traveling to Croatia on your travel list? It should be! This small country offers the best in Mediterranean lifestyle, food and wine. Although it is a Balkan country, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, it has the air of East meets West; it can look like the Italy that traded with Byzantine, with a twist of Austria and Hungary and the antiquity of ancient Roman Empire. Couple this with an extraordinary coastline with clear blue waters and stunning natural wonders, this tiny country provides the best in travel. Photo by Sergii Gulenok on Unsplash

The Number One Reason Why Traveling to Croatia Should Be On Your Travel List for This Year

The one problem of traveling to Croatia is becoming increasingly popular, so it is best to go now before it is too overrun with tourists. And to enjoy a slower pace, consider going in May, September or even October when the weather is still warm.

Discovery of lesser-known spots add even more charm and cultural flavor to your vacation.

Traveling to Sibenik, the Less-Known Spot in Croatia

One such place is Sibenik. Sitting on the Adriatic at the mouth of the river Krka that flows through a national park by the same name about 8 miles inland, you can climb its narrow streets, admire the 15th-century St James cathedral and break for drinks in a hidden garden cafe.

Once an industrial town, Sibnek now boasts the restaurant Pelegrini, which keeps being named the best in Croatia. Here, alongside fine local wines you can find such dishes as spaghetti with sea urchin.

Talk to a travel advisor before traveling to Croatia so you can discover this country on your own terms.

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