UK and Ireland Family Vacations: 5 Great Fun Adventures Across the UK and Ireland

Family fun and adventure are what UK and Ireland family vacations are all about! Every parent and grandparent knows that if the younger members of the tribe are engaged, everyone is happy together.
We at Enlightened Journeys Travel always are on the hunt for unique luxury experiences for the family to enjoy; this lessens stress on the adults, allows time for everyone to play and learn together in fun ways, truly gets you into authentic un-Googleable experiences for lifelong family memories.

From multi-generation trips to your first family trip with babies and toddlers, we work with experts who have the inside track.



Explore These One-of-a-Kind Fun Family Multi-Generation Vacations in UK and Ireland

A Magical Quest Around London

Discover London on a completely personalized magical quest around the city with professionally trained actors who truly bring the theatrical experience to life. All quests incorporate traditional party games with a magical formula that promises to keep every child engaged and having fun. All experiences can be completely tailor-made around your individual needs and desires.

A Rural Sheepdog Experience, UK and Ireland Family Vacations

A Rural Sheepdog Experience

Visit a working English farm in Devon’s beautiful countryside and learn the skills of a shepherd; experience rural farming life while working and training these wonderfully intelligent dogs. Arrive in time for tea and coffee in a quintessential 18th century cottage before heading out into the fields. This is a truly British experience and really connects you to rural British life with the tradition dating back to over 5,000 years ago.

Irish chocolate factory, UK and Irish family vacations

Tour an Irish Chocolate Factory

Why not add to your time around the Cliffs of Moher and UNESCO World Heritage area the Burren? Visit an Irish chocolate factory located on an idyllic 300-year old, family-owned farm overlooking the rural landscape of the Burren. Only two percent of companies worldwide craft chocolate directly from cocoa beans, as is done here. During this hands-on family experience you’ll learn all about traditional Irish chocolate-making techniques, such as winnowing and stone grinding. All tours obviously include tastings! And to whet your appetite further, think single origin chocolates, signature truffles, shots of hot chocolate and chocolate canapes.

Highland Adventures in Scotland

The stunning Scottish Highlands are a veritable adventure playground for families with energy to burn off. From speed boat riding on a loch, 4×4 off-roading tours and finding the perfect fishing spot, there is an escapade to suit every member of the family. Whether you would like to feel the wings of an eagle speed past your cheek with a falconry display, witness Highland games, follow the path of The Outlander series, or you would simply like to skip along Faerie Trails in the local woodland, the possibilities are endless. With a kilted guide by your side, the Highlands of Scotland are a place of magic for every generation.

James Bond speedboat ride

A James Bond Speedboat Ride

A thrill-seeking adventure for older children and adults alike, this activity sees families channel their inner-Bonds while speeding through London aboard the actual Sunseeker from the famous Thames speedboat chase scene in The World is Not Enough. Guests will zoom under the capital’s famous bridges and marvel at London’s landmarks from an exclusive vantage point. You will speed past MI5 before holding on tight for an exhilarating trip to Canary Wharf and back, mission accomplished, on this Thames boat trip. 

Enlightened Journeys Travel is pleased to help you plan the perfect vacation for your family in the UK and Ireland!

Some UK and Ireland family vacations ideas may be:

  • Family Friendly Scotland
  • Family Adventures and Cultural Immersion in Ireland (even ancestry discoveries)
  • A Harry Potter Itinerary (or Star Wars, GOT, Outlander…and Irish movies)
  • London With the Kids or Teens


Credits for photos and a “thank you” for ideas  to: Original Travel UK

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