What is Shaping the Luxury Travel of Today?

What is “Luxury Travel” Today? 

The desire to discover the uniqueness of a travel destination is the number one reason most my clients reach out to me, and this is borne out by the most recent travel studies. And what is the number one way to achieve the MOST unique journey, no matter your interests?

Customization … and Responsible Tourism.

Today’s travelers would love to know their trip has a purpose, that they are not negatively impacting a destination at the minimum, and would love it if their travel choices were making a difference to the destination they visit and the planet overall. Moreover, travel time is precious, and travelers want to be off the grid, away from the need to be on cell phones. This helps fulfill their desire for greater immersion into local communities and culture.


Traveling with a Bigger Purpose

The good news is, sustainable responsible tourism supports and enhances the desire for our travel to have some purpose. It does not include voluntourism if one doesn’t want it; instead, the more lasting impact of “putting your money where your heart is” in social enterprises, conservation efforts, or community preservation. These are supported by the travel commerce that is brought to the area – carefully and in deliberate ways. This is the true essence of sustainability – the travel destination is saved for future generations of both inhabitants and visitors.

What Can You Expect in this Way of Luxury Travel?

  • Great lodging and services brought to you by locals in the community. The immersive experience starts the moment you check in.
  • The fulfillment of unexpected life-changing moments that aren’t canned orchestrated performances because you are in the travel experience of local life – human or wildlife, depending on your journey.
  • The privacy of moments just for you, because there is flexibility in personal itineraries. You and your local and expert guide (and driver) can linger longer with things that interest you; your host gets to know you to suggest things based on your interests. These travel moments cannot be scripted, and they are nothing you can find for yourself.

Today’s luxury travel centers on the traveler and his or her impact on the world. Working with a knowledgeable travel advisor whose passion is sustainability and transforming clients’ lives will yield the greatest return on your investment.

If you’d like to have more ease in your travel planning in 2019, I’d love to help!

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