Luxury Ecotourism – Combining Deluxe with Sustainable Traveling

Luxury ecotourism creates a great way to both explore a vast array of adventures or relaxing escapes while preserving local cultures, pristine environments and wildlife for generations to come.

What does “Luxury” mean in Luxury Ecotourism Travel?

“Luxury” means insider access to destinations coupled with the highest principles on sustainability.

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In essence, your investment in travel creates the environment where local communities thrive, culture is preserved, wildlife is protected and natural areas are conserved. In other words, your journey becomes responsible travel with a conscience.

Our Principles of Conscientious Ecotourism

Enlightened Journeys Travel, a luxury travel advisor team, was founded on the principles of conscientious tourism for travelers seeking transformation and doing good while traveling.

We believe that luxury travel is a heightened and ethical way to travel – not only are you closely connected to the destination by going behind hidden doors, but also are contributing to a better world.

Our Luxury Ecotourism Partnerships

We carefully choose our luxury ecotourism partnerships so that we can offer you the best experiences in the world while never sacrificing your comfort or style. It is possible to travel well and gain deeper access, special moments just for you, beautiful luxurious and evocative accommodations and – why not? – fabulous food.

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Ambassador of Change

Theresa Jackson has been chosen as a 2017 Ambassador of Change, an initiative by G Adventures to support the 2017 UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

“My commitment this year will be to help spread the word about travel as a force for global good and visit places where initiatives are in working to support local cultures, communities and the environment.” ~Theresa Jackson, Luxury Travel Advisor

Peruvian flute player in Peru, luxury ecotourism is romantic

Luxury Ecotourism is Romantic

For couples, what better way is there to deepen your connection than discovering together?

Going to remote places can infuse your relationship with excitement, a new purpose, a shared passion and, of course, memories of a lifetime. Enjoying quiet moments in a tropical paradise enchanted by the hospitality of local people, or in a jungle serenaded by a birds and exotic mammals deepens your partnership in an intimate environment.

An adventure can lead to new hobbies, a purpose to contribute to a cause you discover, a sense of renewal.

Any way you choose to travel on your luxury ecotourism journey, Enlightened Journeys Travel can create your custom-tailored luxury travel itinerary that you are contributing to a better world if that is your wish.

Luxury Ecotourism is Life-Changing

Perhaps no other experience than jumping into a new sustainable travel adventure can stretch your boundaries more. Luxury travel provides that opportunity. Add to that the good you can do through luxury ecotourism makes the journey that much more worthwhile. You will meet and contribute to local communities, come up close and personal with wildlife, be enthralled by beautiful scenery, be challenged by activities or simply unwind from daily life, and be rejuvenated by luxurious pampering at the end of the day.

You will meet and contribute to local communities, come up close and personal with wildlife, be enthralled by beautiful scenery, be challenged by activities or simply unwind from daily life, and be rejuvenated by luxurious pampering at the end of the day.


Luxury Ecotourism is Educational – in a Fun Way

Rather than telling about best practices, the resorts, camps, hotels, activities, and touring you will experience on your luxury ecotourism trip show them.

What Better Way to Return Home?

What better way to return home with a new perspective or teach the younger generation of your family? Whether traveling on your own adventure or taking your family, the exposure can be eye-opening for anyone.

Imagine actually seeing the project to preserve the rhino population or an elephant orphanage in Africa, participating in practices of minimal impact on the environment in the Galapagos or in the jungles of the Amazon, witnessing ingenious conservation methods of luxury resorts in pristine landscapes, savoring the freshest produce of a delectable farm-to-table menu from a chef’s own garden, or helping to preserve local cultures through community involvement and cooperation.

Such exposure excites the imagination and pays the good works forward through you or the future generation you inspire.

“Luxury ecotourism is travel on a higher plane that allows for greater access to the natural world while making sure it is there for future generations.” ~ Theresa Jackson, Founder of Enlightened Journeys Travel


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