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Zagreb Christmas Market in Croatia: Travel Before Christmas Can Get You in the Holiday Mood

European Christmas Markets

Christmas is a special time, and the season leading up to it- Advent – builds the anticipation and good cheer. In Europe, Christmas markets abound filled with delicious goodies, lovely decorative items and Gluwein to warm the heart. Concerts and performances grace stages and churches. Every night there seems to be a reason to draw people out into chilly evenings.


Your Ultimate Jordan Travel Guide: Travel to Jordan to Explore Adventure, History, and Sustainability

Jordan history and religion, traveling to Jordan

Traveling to Jordan feels like traveling home. I love Jordan! Everything about it! The people, the nature, the history, the spirit and soul of this country. Every time when I visit Jordan, I explore and find new things that amaze me. Below I share with you my insights, findings, what moves me and transformed me in my own Jordan travel journey. Enjoy!


Traveling to Argentina: Adventure and Sustainable Travel – Where in the World is Theresa now?

Parque Nacional Los Cardones, Salta, Argentina, traveling to Argentina, luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson

The time has come. I am traveling to ARGENTINA! This is my first “boots on the ground” trips to there. And boots on the ground it will be, for a large portion of the trip. While Argentina holds many urban wonders, it is to the countryside I am headed. Argentina bursts with gorgeous natural wonders, and this time I am headed to the northwest of the country, to explore the mountainous area around Salta. Founded in 1582, Salta is a provincial capital known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage. Parque Nacional Los Cardones, Salta, Argentina. Photo by Nicolas Prieto on Unsplash


Jordan Holy Land: 5 Holy Sites to Visit in Jordan

Jordan Holy Land

I have been talking about Jordan and its Holy Sites for a while ever since my very first trip there. Every time I go back, I fall more in love with this tiny country and its friendly people, no matter if I travel to Jordan for adventure or in this case to visit the holy sites.

Now that I have returned several times, I see more and more special interest opportunities to share with you.

For anyone interested in the history of religion, visiting the country of Jordan is a must.


Custom Designed Vacations Are Your Key to Fulfilling Your Dreams

a young woman raising her hands in the air, on her dream vacation after Enlightened Journeys Travel created for her one of the most transformational custom designed vacations

Travel is easier to do and more accessible than ever before, and our idea of travel and what it does for us is changing to custom designed vacations.

While large-group, pre-packaged travel works for some, more travelers are now seeking journeys that transform their lives; they want travel that is personalized to them. They want new experiences and to gain enriching knowledge by engaging in cultures. Some ask for physical activity to be incorporated in their travel for the whole or a part of their vacation; others want to incorporate their interests. And a growing number want to know that in some way their travel is helping the destination they visit.


Go Here, See This: Vacation in Abu Dhabi – A Welcoming Destination

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Reflections Night, vacation in Abu Dhabi

Thinking about a vacation in Abu Dhabi? As a luxury adventure travel expert and blogger I get to go to some pretty cool places around the world. And I love it – even the hectic pace as I make as many meetings as I can in new vacation destinations, and see contacts I already have relationships with in places I have been (and my clients love).

I am always on the hunt for new luxury and adventure travel experiences and insights. But when I get to come HOME, where is that? All photos on this blog post are provided by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. (more…)

Vietnam Vacation: Your #GlobalLocal Answers Your Questions About Experiences You Can Have

Vietnamese on a park bench in Hanoi, Vietnam, vietnam vacation travel for good, image source Lukasz Saczek 36808

I have just returned from my Vietnam vacation. It was my first time there, so I would say my trip was an overview to gather intel on what you can incorporate into your own trip. I looked for experiences around the interests of history, architecture, relaxation, ecotourism and adventure.

You may have questions about my vacation and want ideas for yours. Photo by Lukasz Saczek on Unsplash (more…)

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