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Vietnam Travel: The Joy of the Unexpected – A Personal and Life-Changing Experience

luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson with one of the outstanding students from the Planterra Foundation's "Oodles of Noodles" Project, helping students to have brighter futures through sustainable and life-changing Vietnam travel

I have just returned from my G Adventures Vietnam travel as an #AmbassadorofChange2017 where I was sent “on assignment” to Vietnam on one of the most eye-opening and life-changing trips. Although I have many great partners with whom I had worked for Vietnam trips for my clients, this was my first time there. So I was expecting a deeply cultural exploration from the journey, especially since this was a National Geographic trip, and boy, did I ever experience that!


Top Spa Destinations in Europe: Get Away From It All The Luxury Way

pink flowers, sea shells, sea salt, and massage towels, symbolizing the beauty and wellness at top spa destinations europe

If heading to the crowded ski slopes, a Caribbean island or a cruise with (seemingly) everyone else is not your cup of tea, or you have “been there, done that”, why not use your break for true rejuvenation? Rather than rubbing elbows this year to get in a line or a spot at the pool, you could be relaxing and healing mind, body and spirit after a hectic fall and holiday period at one of the top spa destinations in Europe.


Tip 9: What To Do For A Winter Break and Save Money As Well – European Spa Vacations

 massage oils on a table in one of the luxury European spas, traveler on one of the most gorgeous European spa vacations

Dreaming about European spa vacations? Why not use your winter break for true rejuvenation and a chance to get away from crowds? Europe’s spa destinations are easy to get to and distinct enough so that you truly get away from it all. Spa vacations in Europe are serious healing centers. Thermal baths offer massages, healing thermal mud wraps, sauna programs and hamam (oriental bath) and personalized body and facial treatments.  Their methods are honed from years (we are talking HUNDREDS of years) of experience. Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pixabay.


Tip 8: Off the Beaten Path Travel – Traveling to Croatia

Sibenik, part of our traveling to Croatia mini blog post series, photographer Sergii Gulenok, Unsplash

Is traveling to Croatia on your travel list? It should be! This small country offers the best in Mediterranean lifestyle, food and wine. Although it is a Balkan country, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, it has the air of East meets West; it can look like the Italy that traded with Byzantine, with a twist of Austria and Hungary and the antiquity of ancient Roman Empire. Couple this with an extraordinary coastline with clear blue waters and stunning natural wonders, this tiny country provides the best in travel. Photo by Sergii Gulenok on Unsplash


A Luxury Eco Safari Can Save The World – How You Can Choose to Travel for Good

luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson with national park rangers in the Kruger national park on her luxury eco safari tour

Did you ever go on a luxury eco safari? I used to love to primitive camp. Put me out in the woods with barely a tent, and I was happy to be connected to nature. I learned the principles of Leave No Trace which taught me more than I wanted about minimal impact on the land and to flora and fauna. My favorite experience was a backcountry backpacking trip in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming when I was 16.


Tip 7: Who IS the Luxury Traveler (And Why You Should Be One, Too)

luxury traveler and luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on a private yacht

Luxury can mean different things at different life stages. For some, it is about the best party – with VIP access. To others, it is a 5-star hotel in a fabulous city. Families seek combinations of fun, relaxation and learning experiences. Others love a rich adventure or a cultural immersion. And then there are the beach or spa resort set. Not any one type of vacation is exclusive of another; often people want several elements in one vacation.


How to Have Immersive Travel or How I Learned From My Mistakes – And You Can, Too

luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson in front of a street painting, sharing her immersive travel experiendes

When I had the opportunity to live in Europe about 8 years ago for a 2 year period, I felt like I had to hit the ground running.  So much to see from gathered “must-dos” of guidebooks and internet sites! My photo album/Facebook life wouldn’t be complete without shots of iconic sites alone, with me and my family or visiting friends.

So that is what I did. For about 6 months I spent hours and hours in research additional to what I had done as soon as I got he news we were moving. I scoured websites, accommodation sites, touring sites.  


Top 10 Tips to Creating the Luxury Adventure of a Lifetime

luxury eco lounge in South Africa, symbolizing the beauty of a luxury adventure trip

Luxury adventure travel is one of life’s great rewards. It as many advantages: It lets us explore the world and expand our horizons beyond work and the obligations of daily life. Luxury adventure travel enables us to go for the deep dive into a passion or try something new. It challenges us and tests our limits. It sends us to remote corners of the world where few are privileged to go.

Most of all, luxury adventure fulfills dreams of a lifetime.


Jordan Travel, Your Perfect Luxury Adventure Vacation and Destination

luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson on her Jordan travel hiking trip

When I first went on a Jordan travel adventure 2 years ago, my imagination was filled with images of war, societal oppression, destruction, anti-Semitism, and a people hostile to Americans. This was fed by my own ignorance of the area, and frankly, by my own government and news media.

But, upon landing in Amman, I immediately realized Jordan is NOT what I had been watching on TV. I had already known this about other countries in which I lived: Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Rather that situating it in the Middle east, I like to refer to Jordan as the Near East, because it is just over the border from Israel.


Tip 6: Why A LIVE Travel Advisor Is Your Best Bet For Your Luxury Stay And Vacation To Save Money And Time – Luxury Travel Tips and Savings Series

woman creating her luxury travel plan by reviewing a map and the different destinations on her computer, getting frustrated and contacting a real live travel advisor

The New York Times recently published a story that said mass market online travel agencies (OTAs) are making inroads into the luxury travel market.

Price checkers now may find some packages including luxury five-star hotels bundles with first class flights from the online travel agencies (OTAs) like, Expedia and start-up apps.

Is this competition for me as a travel agent serving my clients on an one-on-one base live?