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Good Traveler Code

Traveler Code for Travelers Seeking Transformation and Doing Good While Traveling

Know about the Place You Will Visit Before You Go

Not only does reading about the destination enhance the anticipation of your visit, you will be better prepared to receive new information once there. Every destination is unique from its natural environment to its culture and history.


Be Conscious of Your Conservation Efforts

While traveling, look for ways to recycle (your accommodations often have ways to adopt). Use water wisely and bring your own refillable water bottle rather than using plastic bottles. If the water is “iffy” in your destination, buy a large water bottle to fill your canteen.


Turn off lights and tv when you leave your accommodations, just as you would at home. We find local sources that take actions to preserve their communities and natural environment.


Be Fuel Efficient While Traveling

Consider direct flights, rent smaller cars, use trains and try local forms of transportation. Consider some city walking or biking tours for up-close-and-personal views of the city.


Seek Cultural Immersion

Have as part of your itinerary the opportunity to engage with locals, but be respectful of their privacy, traditions and local community. Ask to take photos of people or their home. We work with local social enterprises to help you do a deep dive into local cultures and engage with local people.


Support Locals

As a visitor, the money you spend on your trip can help support the local artisans, farmers and business owners whose livelihoods depend on tourism.


The concept is not about giving, but of participating.

Let us help you find ways to enhance your vacation with activities you won’t find in mass tourism. You will be boosting economies, stabilizing areas, sending kids to school, contributing to economic parity for women, breaking the poverty cycle for children.


Protect Your Natural Surroundings

Be mindful of the plants, animals and ecosystems that you impact. Take Only Memories; Leave Only Footprints. Avoid feeding wildlife; stay on designated trails, leave flowers as you find them.


Bring Your Experiences Home

Sometimes the greatest impact you can have is to share your findings, “ah ha” moments, and stories with others back home. You will raise awareness, and if you come home with a cause, others may join you in your efforts. You or your children can be a part of a solution!

Enlightened Journeys Travel is dedicated to sustainable travel initiatives. We make travel better for you, our client, and your travels better for the destinations you visit.

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