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Luxury Travel Services And Travel Itineraries

hand holding a plate with a luxury appetizer in front of snow topped mountains, symbolizing Enlightened Journeys Travel luxury travel services

Enlightened Journeys Travel creates individualized luxury travel services and travel itineraries to each client’s specifications. No two travel itineraries are the same!

We get to know our clients very well –what you like (and don’t like), where your dreams take you, how you like to be accommodated, why you want to travel, who and what inspires you.

We ask questions- and then we ask more!

We take great pride in advising our clients and surprising you with things you hadn’t thought could be included.

To us, luxury travel means you are the primary stakeholder, not a passive recipient.

Are you ready for your travels worldwide? You can stay connected- you decide the way and amount that works for you!  We work with a trusted source for all your calling or data needs.  From global pocket wifi that can be used for all devices in your traveling party, to a wifi app for low cost calls; from SIM cards to international phones- even to satellite phones, Enlightened Journeys Travel makes sure you can stay in touch when you need to.

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Some of the luxury travel services we provide:

Luxury Family Travel

When you want the trip of a lifetime-each time- for your family, our luxury travel services team takes the time to get to know the needs and interests of all so that each has them met on every journey.

  • Learning opportunities are fun and engaging activities that are varied and designed to enhance the overall experience.
  • Of course, a day packed with too many activities is exhausting and defeats the purpose, so we build in leisure time to strengthen bonds. Play, cuddling, reading and deep conversations in a luxury environment are memory-makers as well.

Luxury Singles Travel

You want to explore the world and would like to do so in the company of others who like to travel in a luxury as you do.

  • Meeting others creates interesting conversations and broadens your community.
  • Your style and level of luxury need not be compromised, nor do you have to be a single among couples.
  • With our luxury travel services, we help you and any of your friends find the luxury singles travel experience that suits you and seek out those opportunities that help you avoid a supplement simply because you deserve your own room at the end of the day.

Luxury Adventure Travel

Luxury adventure comes in many forms, from being among the privileged few to explore a remote part of the world, to testing your boundaries with challenging physical activities. It means many different things to different people:

  • A luxury lodge in a remote location or a tented camp in the wilderness
  • A safari or expedition in any part of the world
  • Days filled with active pursuits and evenings relaxing in complete comfort
  • An in depth immersion into a passion or to learn a new skill

Our luxury travel services team helps you sort through all your luxury adventure travel options based upon your interests. All of our luxury travel partners are well connected and completely vetted for authenticity, expertise and of course the utmost in safety and security.

From luxury safaris all around the world to expeditionary luxury cruises to land or private jet journeys in the company of experts in their fields, the adventure is only limited by imagination and knowledge of what is available to you. Fortunately, luxury travel advisor Theresa Jackson and her luxury travel services team hold the relationships and expertise to design the best luxury travel itinerary for you.

Luxury Villas

Spectacular luxurious villas that cater to a few or to a large gathering are yours in almost any location worldwide. The ultimate in privacy and relaxation, you can spend your holidays with whom you choose doing exactly as you please- or nothing at all.

From beaches in the sparkling blue Caribbean to coastlines in the Mediterranean, from deep in the countryside to city central, your home away from home is a luxury vacation.

  • Each is fully staffed to take care of meals, conduct cooking classes, provide daily housekeeping, and include all luxurious amenities.
  • A concierge and host are at your disposal as much or as little as you need them to make prior or spontaneous arrangements.

Our luxury expert travel services team has the resources and contacts to find the right villa and location for you.

Luxury Lodges

Luxury lodges have a special connection to place. The lodge reflects its location and the culture there. Luxury Travel Advisor Theresa Jackson seeks out the ones that adhere to sustainable practices that directly benefit the local community and the environment without sacrificing comfort.

Luxury lodges are closely associated with in depth experiences of their destinations, from wine culture to rainforest, from safari locations to untouched remote landscapes. They appeal anyone from the adventure junkie to the spa seeker.

Though immersed in the best eco-friendly practices, not one iota of the luxury experience is lost! They offer the purest of immersive experiences with ultimate relaxation and care at the end of the day.

Luxury Ecotourism

How you travel is as important as where you travel, especially in this day when more people are traveling and more remote places are opening up. How to preserve the best of the world’s culture, indigenous communities, environment and precious diminishing wildlife for future generations? In other words, how can we assure our children and grandchildren- and beyond- can experience and see what we are privileged to?

This is the focus of ecotourism, and more importantly luxury ecotourism. Because of the high level of knowledge, research and funding from the luxury travel sector, those who invest in travel on this level not only experience the truly immersive and soul-fulfilling travel few can, they provide the dollars for sustainable travel. This commerce supports the lifestyles of the local communities who can support their way of life through tourism without selling off land to oil or mining corporations. Wildlife can be preserved and brought back from extinction. Ancient cultures, treasures and traditions can be preserved.

“I have made it my personal mission to seek out and support those luxury travel companies who have exemplary practices so you are assured of Travel for Good.”
–Theresa Jackson, founder of Enlightened Journeys Travel

First Class Travel, Business Class Travel And Private Jet Travel

Your vacation begins as soon as you leave your front door with our luxury transportation services.

  • I find the best flight itinerary on the most comfortable airline for you- but also look for ways to save you money! My preferred contracts with many major airlines are your ticket to knowing your will never overpay just to get to your destination.
  • And when your luxury travel itinerary calls for hops to several destinations in one trip, it is important to look at how much time that will take, and the best way to maximize your time. From no waiting time at airports, to the security and privacy they provide, to getting your entire group to a destination, private jet itineraries are often the most time and cost-effective way to travel.

Luxury Hotels

Our goal is to match you with the right accommodation. We maintain preferred partner status with the top luxury hotels in the world, which delivers to you exclusive pricing and value-added amenities not found anywhere else. We believe your investment should yield a high return, so our typical inclusions often are breakfasts, an upgrade, and resort credit or a service. Some of our preferred partnerships include Belmond Bellini Club, Dorchester Collection Diamond Club, Four Season Preferred Partners, Peninsula Hotel Pen Club, Relais & Chateaux Preferred Partner Program, Ritz Carlton Stars*,Rosewood Elite, and Starwood Global Luxury, among others.

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